Mars resource extraction could lead to war

Resource extraction on Mars could lead to wars, scientists have said and this is something that space agencies and governments around the world need to keep in mind as humans inch ahead towards sending first astronauts to the Red Planet.

Scientists have said that the question of division of resources on Mars – a planet that isn’t any single country’s property – will lead to wars. While the first humans on Mars will undoubtedly be astronauts, it is believed that the first colonists will not be astronauts, but politicians and businessmen who intend to cash in on the mineral and resource deposits on the planet.

The Red Planet is barren, but data from several mission to Mars has shown that the planet is rich in minerals. Scientists believe that soon after colonists land on Mars, the situation could become tense. War, according to experts, can flare up in the first days of resource extraction. The settlers will fight for the right of possession as a large number of deposits of sulphur, aluminum, calcium, magnesium, iron and other minerals, which are rich in the Martian subsurface. The conflict may begin from the fact that the process of production will be cheaper as the delivery of valuable cargo to Earth.

In view of the fact that Mars likely has no atmosphere, no one will care about her safety. Ore deposits will begin to remove even with the help of thermonuclear weapons. The only catch, which stands in the way of the start of production is to deliver to the Red planet special equipment.

Presumably, the war for resources on Mars will begin in the next hundred years. They will Fund a major space Corporation. Already today on the face of the background to the confrontation between them.


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