Macho Man Randy Savage- The Wrestling sensation

Randy Savage is a pro wrestling champion. His stage name randy macho man savage is known all over the world. The sportspersonis known for his exceptional commentary skills as well as his sporting tenure.The macho man randy savage is regarded as one of the greatest players in the history of professional wrestling. The typically husky voice of the player is one of the best-known traits ofrandy macho man savage. Also, his catchy entry music and his full attire in the ring are some other identification marks. The randy savage macho man estate was managed by his wife.

Macho Man Randy Savage Skyrim

The randy the macho man savage has won more than two dozen titles in his sports career.Besides, he won the WWF King of the Ring title in 1987 and WCW World War 3 championship in 1995. Randy has also featured in a video game. The macho man randy savage Skyrim version is available for download. In this game, Randy has taken a dragon form. The player can launch the Randy mode to turn the dragons into the deadly WWF player.At one time, the randy savage memes became a rage on the internet. Randy was seen making his trademark comments and gestures in these memes.

The legendary Randy Savage was born as Randy Mario Poffo on November 15th, 1952. He continued playing professional wrestling till 2005. At 2011, Randy suffered a massive heart attack while driving with his wife. The autopsy report pointed out, Mario died due to heart diseases.


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