Love Is In The Air For Emma Stone

If you have watched the rom-com ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, you might have noticed that sweet actress… Yes, I’m talking about Emma Stone. You must be a die heart fan of her, you may fantasize her, and she might be your crush too. That’s not the main concern of this write-up. What I’ll talk about is a very spicy topic. Who’s Emma Stone dating? Who was Emma Stone’s husband? Although these film stars try their level best to maintain a level of secrecy regarding their private life, this is what is exposed most. Okay. No more wasting time. Let’s get started.

Timeline of Emma’s Relationship

With the ‘Amazing Spiderman’ Emma Stone started dating Andrew Garfield. The two were noticed growing close to one another. By the time Emma began dating Andrew, she cut all ties with her two-year long boyfriend Kieran Culkin. On the other hand, Andrew too splits up with Shannon Woodward. From then began their road to a happy relationship.

Once, Emma hosted a television show ‘Saturday night live’ in which Andrew gave her a surprise. He joined her on stage and showed the lovely chemistry that they shared. While they did not officially confirm their relationship, they were spotted holding hands and kissing in the public. Whatever you do, the media does not spare you.

Emma Stone Girlfriend

You will be shocked to know that the love duo broke up. You fall apart may be to join again. Similar was the case for Emma and Andrew. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield married in 2016. To prove their love, Emma in an interview said: “someone I still love very much.” It can be rightly said that this ‘someone’ is none other than Garfield. On the other side, when Andrew was asked with whom he wants to spend time in a barren desert, he replied, “Emma Stone. I love Emma. She’s all right.


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