Lizzo Tiny Purse Won The Red Carpet

American Female Rapper Lizzo surprisingly stole the show with her world’s tinniest purse at American Music Awards.

Lizzo joined Red Carpet for one of the important eves for every American Musician at American Music Awards in an Orange one-sided dress with an attractive finger-sized handbag. And she actually answers what does this bag carries. Know that with us, what she thought about the tiniest bag and what she carried.

Lizzo tiny bag
Lizzo in orange Valentino dress with Valentino’s tiniest handbag

The singer was up with the nominations for American Music Awards under the several categories: Favorite Female Music Artist (Soul R&B), New Artist of the Year, Favorite Song from Soul R&B hit song ‘Juice’.

Lizzo hit the Los Angeles Red Carpet with the smallest handbag that secured all the eyes on to her. Despite her beautiful Valentino dress people noticed her for her handbag. On asking what is carrying in the bag,’ a tampon, a flask of tequila and a condom what else does she want’.

Does the handbag get successful in grabbing your attention?

lizzo tiny purse
Spot the purse

Were you able to find out the logo, which brand logo is it?

It’s completely alright if you were unsuccessful in spotting the logo, it is the size of the bag. It belongs to Valentino with “V” logo.

On the early stage of trolling she captioned her image,” @maisonvalentino bag is enough for my f***s to give Big Body b***h in Valentin-Custom look for @amas”.

lizzo tiny purse post
Lizzo shared it on her Instagram

Sooner Lizzo tiny purse took a hilarious turn when memes started rolling all over the internet and she actually supported them. Check out some of the hilarious memes ever made.

lizzo tiny purse meme
lizzo tiny purse purse

On Lizzo’s request one of the fan also reversed the image check it down

lizzo purse twitter post
Lizzo request photo editor to edit the reverse the image with making her small
lizzo twitter meme response
Memes supported by celeb

Does this grab your attention too? Write to us which Lizzo’s song you love. Also, comment your thoughts about the singer and make your friends read us on this story.


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