Lil Wayne Settles Lawsuit Over Refusal To Go Through Security And His Album Also Coming Up


Lil Wayne is in the news again for the two main reasons. First, his very long-awaited album was announced this week on his birthday and second, for settlement agreement between him and promoters of concerts of a lawsuit filed upon him for an incident that was happened a few years ago when Lil Wayne refused to go through a metal detector in Columbia arena music concert. Latest news is that there is settlement signed between Lil Wayne and the promoters of the SC for their long going battle of the lawsuit. Finally, the case has been solved. But the terms of the agreement is still undisclosed and the promoters refused to make any comment on it.

Who Is Lil Wayne?

Lil Wayne is the American born famous rapper and a big name in the pop music industry. He started rapping at the tender age of 8. He released his first album at the age of 13, but after 3 years he got the fame after releasing his solo album “Black is Hot”. Soon he became famous for his unique rapping style. Early 2000 was completely dominated by this artist. After getting the fame in the early age, he faced some charges of drug and arms possessions. His musical career and personal life are full of controversies. He suffered from seizures attack and others medical issue during the performance in his concerts. Despite all such happening, he won several Grammy awards for his best single rap. During his one concert in 2012, an incident happened in which he refused to go through security checkup and metal detector test. In the end, that show got canceled. Then a lawsuit was filed on the Lil Wayne by the promoters of that concert in the court demanding huge money for breaching the contract.

What Was The Whole Matter Of Lawsuit?

Everyone knows that it’s not uncommon for venues and arenas to have metal detector security checks for the artist before the performance. But Lil Wayne refused to go into the arena in Columbia last year because he would have to go through a metal detector screening first. That concert was already scheduled for the performance. This refusal of security check ended up being sued by the promoter of the concert.

About Lil Wayne

At first, such kind of incident sounds silly but there must be any reason behind it. A huge amount of money gets involved in the organization of music concert. There must be synchronized communication between artists and promoters. Both are dependent on each other.

But finally, it looks like both Lil Wayne and the promoter have finally reached the agreement. According to the latest media reports, the so-called famous lawsuit battle between Lil Wayne and Columbia promoter’s has come to an end. The attorney for the concert promoters, Joe McCulloch said to the media that the terms of their settlement will not be released.


This legal battle was in media headlines because the concert promoters were demanding huge pay back the $ 65K advance as well as paying for the concert costs and legal fees. This whole concert was organized at the deal of total $110K for the 40 minutes performance of Lil Wayne with the remaining $45K to be paid to him after his set.

According to court documents, it was stated that Lil Wayne’s representatives previously agreed to have him go through the security checks. But lawsuit said that his contract did not include anything about security screening before entering the arena. The concert was also scheduled for the Cardi B and 2 Chainz performances. Both were ready for the performance, however, the promoters had to refund the tickets for the 5299 people. In the court, the promoters said that they went through “public criticism and humiliation” that damaged their reputation in the music industry.

Lil Wayne Most Awaited Album Is Out Now After Sorting Out Controversies!

Now the matter has been sorted out and the pop rapper is now looking for the release his new long-awaited album Carter 5. Fans were waiting for this album released from a very long time. It took more than six years, a few lawsuits and countless missed release date but the Carter 5 is almost here. The release date of this album is 28 September. The Carter feature rapping from Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, and Snoop Dog. This album has been a long time coming. Lil Wayne first announced The Carter 5 in 2012 just after the release of The Carter 4. The album was first supposed to come out in early 2014 but after a long delay finally, it is releasing. This album is going to be the big hit because the market buzz and early response of his fans for this album are awesome.



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