Lil Wayne Best Albums : Best Rapper Of The Decade


When we discuss a portion of the best American rappers of the time, the name of Lil Wayne goes in close vicinity too. He started to sing at an extremely young age of 9 and from that point forward, he has not left any stone unturned to demonstrate his value in the music industry.

No big surprise that there are a large number of fans and supporters of Lil Wayne and the diagram is expanding with each passing day. Let us look at the best melodies from this vocalist and the rundown of Lil Wayne Best Albums.

Lil Wayne Best Albums – The Supreme From All Time

1. Stunin Like My Daddy 

Alongside Birdman, the melody Stunning like my Daddy got the fame not long after the discharge. Originating from the collection Like Father, Like Son, this tune ends up truly outstanding from Lil Wayne. What’s more, this additionally drives the tune to get selected for the BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collabo, Duo or Group. And his pinnacle is touching the glory with Lil Wayne Best Albums.

2. Got Money 

The following tune in the rundown is again from the collection The Carter III that highlighted T Pain and got acclaimed among the general population who take after Lil Wayne and T Pain. Together they vault a great occupation by acquiring the absolute best of it. The tune got designated for Grammy Award for Best Rap which lifts its value.

3. Right Above It –

Originating from the collection “I am Not a Human Being” the melody right above it is one of those tunes which helped Lil Wayne develop his fan base. With Drake as the highlighted craftsman, the melody achieved the pinnacle of progress not long after the discharge. It goes under the class of hip-bounce and rap.

4. Go DJ 

With the verses “Say go D-J, ’cause that is my D-J” the melody Go DJ wound up famous among the general population and particularly the individuals who take after rap and hip-bounce a considerable measure. Lil Wayne has completed a great employment in this tune and this had influenced it to get various honors and awards also. Originating from the collection Tha Block is Hot and this is truly outstanding from him.

5. John – 

With Rick Ross as the included craftsman, the tune John picked up the prominence not long after the discharge. The credit for the achievement of the tune goes to both these superb vocalists from the music business. Originating from the collection The Carter IV, this tune holds the fifth position in our top list. Lili Wayne has done full equity to the tune and this is the most likable as it Lil Wayne Best Albums.

6. Mirror 

Originating from the collection The Carter IV, the melody Mirror didn’t set aside much opportunity to pick up the fame among the music darlings and particularly the individuals who take after Lil Wayne enthusiastically. Since this sing highlights Bruno Mars, the value of the melody gets raised on its own. Regardless of whether you like Lil Wayne new songs, this tune would influence you to become hopelessly enamored with his voice.

7. 6 Foot 7 Foot 

Cory Gunz was the included craftsman in this tune. With the verses as “Six-foot, seven-foot, eight-foot group” this tune picked up notoriety and hit the chartbuster child after the discharge. The individuals who take after Lil Wayne and Cory Gunz knew the value of this tune as it contains one of the ground-breaking beats and along these lines, is the best to tune in.

8. Forever –

The absolute most conspicuous craftsmen frame music industry like Eminem, Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Drake have completed an awesome activity in the tune Forever from the collection Forever. Being the title tune of the collection, it hit the chartbuster not long after the discharge. Individuals go insane for the tune as it was performed by the huge shotguns of the music business.

Lil Wayne is a standout amongst the most exceptional artists who figured out how to make a striking spot in the music business and additionally in the core of music sweethearts. When you would begin hearing these best and ongoing melodies from him you would likewise turn into a bad-to-the-bone fan. His singing capacity is worth to respect and acknowledge and this is the motivation behind why he has a huge number of fans around the world. And that makes his fans to wonder most when he is going to open up for the Lil Wayne Best Albums.



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