What You Need to Know About Lil Wayne And His Family


Who doesn’t know Lil Wayne? Currently, he is the most experienced rapper and musician in the music industry. The 33-year-old rapper has given a number of hits in his lifetime and is still doing his best.

We all have known him professionally but have you ever tried to take a sneak peak in his family and personal life? If no then here we are with some of the interesting facts of Lil Wayne.


Knowing About Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne has been called by many names but his original name is Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. Wayne is one of the famous hip hop recording artists. He has done many feats and has also won the prestigious Grammy awards.

He started his professional career right at the age of nine with the ‘Cash Money Records’. Wayne was a part of the American teenage hip-hop duo. After few years Wayne left and went on to join the American hip hop group which was known as ‘Hot Boys’ along with the members Juvenile and Lil Doggie and Young Turk.

Wayne was born on 27th of September, 1982 in New Orleans, US. Lil was only two years of age when his parents were separated and his mother got the custody of him. He was brought up in the Hollygrove which was the poorest neighborhoods in the city.

He had a stepfather with whom he was very close but unfortunately, he has killed. Wayne has a tattoo in memory of his stepfather. Talking about why Wayne removed the “D” from his name he replied that he is junior Dwayne and his father is still living but is not in his life and has never been, so, he never wanted to be Dwayne he would rather be Wayne.


Sneak Peek Into The Personal Life Of Lil Wayne

Talking about his personal life, Lil Wayne had many affairs and has also been seen to be associated with singer Christina Millian and rapper Trina. Lil Wayne has a total of four children and all from different mothers. Reginae Carter is the first Lil Wayne’s daughter.

Her mother Antonia was Lil’s high school love which he married in 2004 and was separated in 2006. Apart from these, he has three sons named Dwayne III from radio broadcaster Sarah Vivan. Cameron from actress Lauren London and the third son named Neal from singer Nivea.

Wayne started to attend the University Of Houston to post his GED in 2005 but was eventually dropped out later.

He later took online courses to complete his GED. Wayne was sentenced to one-year prison on March 8, 2010, for possession of Marijuana and weapon.  However, he served his jail term for eight months only and was released after that.

So, it was all about a sneak peak in the personal life of this famous rapper. Reginae Carter Lil Wayne’s daughter has always been his favorite child as she is the only thing he has from his high school love.


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