From selecting a service to booking – experience the ease of working with us.

1. Contact us for a cleaning service

2. Select your preferred date and time

3. Appointment confirmation

4. An experienced, fully trained, professional cleaning team will show up at your door step, on time!

Why Lifestyle Cleaning

  • Over 5 years of experience in providing commercial housekeeping and cleaning service.
  • It’s a convenient and hassle-free service.
  • Safe and secure: we provide professionally vetted and police verified housekeepers.
  • Ease of payments: Cheque, bank transfer, and COD.
  • Breathe healthy: enjoy a clean and sanitised environment.
  • No supervision required: our staff are trained in correct cleaning technique, using the best quality cleaning materials and machines.
  • Best in class cleaning machinery from Italy and Germany.
  • Safe cleaning chemicals: the cleaning solutions we use are absolutely safe for pets, children or elderly people. These chemicals will not cause any harm or damage.
  • Commitment to quality: When you contact us for any work, you do not need to worry about the quality of work or material used. We will not misuse or use inferior chemicals for work to be done.

Lifestyle Cleaning Services Cleaning., is a Complete Cleaning services Company providing various Specialized Services to the residential and commercial.

The four main verticals of the company are

1. Carpet Cleaning
2. Floor Cleaning / Scrubbing / Polishing
3. Villas, House, Flats, Apartments Cleaning
4. Commercial Cleaning

The company Specializes in Deep Cleaning Services for Residential Premises on a Periodic Basis by offering an in depth cleaning of the residence taking into consideration the three main concerns of security, safety and quality

Industrial Cleaning has been our forte from inception since we can provide our expertise in maintaining different types of industries such as Glass, Chemicals, Pharma, Petrochemical and Engineering. Our company has created a name for itself by working in the Pharma Industry where different class levels of hygiene is maintained critical to there production facility.

Our company has provided solutions to Developers of Residential Towers and Star Hotels by offering them post construction services which include successful handover to the Operations Team.