Lady Gaga – A Unique Human Star In A Sea Of Conformity

Lady Gaga - A Unique Human Star In A Sea Of Conformity

Lady Gaga is one of the most charming and recognizable faces in the American music industry. We tried to find out why people are so fascinated by this singer. Something is there for which people get attracted. She is way better than her contemporary singers like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears if you will give a try to compare her music. Lady Gaga is a very important figure in American pop culture in more ways than just her musical contributions. Some of these things you will see in the later section of this article. One thing can be clearly stated that Lady Gaga is one of the best pop artists in the American music industry. Her songs are very catchy, that pleases her fans with diverse tastes. She can be considered the best in the US.

Lady Gaga In Her Childhood

Lady Gaga was born on March 28, 1986, in New York City America. Her biological name was Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. She has mixed ancestries. Her mother was half French Canadian and German while her father was of Italian descent. This thing shows the diversity of the country like the US. But her childhood was not so easy. She was bullied in the school at the age of 11. By the time she turned 14, she was dancing in the bars. She continued in this field until she got admission in New York school of Arts. Then during her college, she finally decided that she will discontinue college and will start a full-time music career. She was a songwriter too and wrote songs for Britney Spears. These are her initial struggling years of life.

How She Came In Limelight?

In 2008, her debut album released called The Fame. She traveled to Europe and US in gay clubs to promote her album. This was the different style of promotion and her album got hit. But major success for her came in 2009 when she released song Just Dance. She did so many concerts worldwide during this year and gained so much fame as debut artist. In her songs, she talked about religion, politics and her darker side of fame.

Born This Way

When she released her second album Born This way, more than 8 million copies of this album was sold and she was nominated for the Grammy award. She gained ultra-fame worldwide during 2008-2012 and became a mega pop artist in pop culture.

What Makes Her Different Than the Rest Of The Pop-Artists?

She is known for her weird fashion sense. The only celebrity, in the modern time who have real guts to follow unconventional fashion sense. She is one of the few pop stars who can flaunt blood smeared performance or she can wear a bubble dress. Her meat dress is one of the most talked dress of all time.

Meat Dress

She is a prime celebrity who publicly supports the LGBT community and donate the money from her concerts to needy. Every artist made by their fans. What sets her apart then?  Well, it is her love for fans.calls her fans as “little monsters”. Lady Gaga is also known for her tweets that are usually related to her albums and about her personal life that makes her fans feel close to her.

Lady Gaga Supporting LGBT


Battling With Chronic Pain Like A Fighter

But in recent months, she canceled her tours because she was suffering from fibromyalgia. Due to this disease, she battled with unbearable chronic pain. During her stage shows, she tolerated that much pain with getting noticing it. That made her greater artist. Her dedication to music and the ways she portrays herself on the show in weird costumes makes her more appealing and deceptive. People often fail to notice her pain during her stage shows.

Lady Gaga Battling With Chronic Pain Like A Fighter

She often halts her ongoing shows to take a selfie with her fans. This is a curious, slightly awkward moment that is genuine and heartfelt, a world different from pop music’s regular tendency to give between-song lip service to celebrating individuality and difference.

List Of Awards She Has

In 2011, Gaga was nominated for six Grammy Awards and won three—Best Pop Vocal Album for The Fame Monster, and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best Short Form Music Video for “Bad Romance”. She has won a total of 6 Grammys and many other prestigious awards. Seven Billboard Music Awards, One BET Awards, and the list go on. You can check online the list of awards won by Lady Gaga.

In The Last, We Can Say:

Standing in the middle of the cheerful crowd in her concerts, Lady Gaga still looks as unique a star as pop has produced in recent years.

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