Know, What Is White Elephant Gift Exchange

Yay! It’s Christmas season, the season of gifts and party. What are you preparing for a Christmas gift or a party? Thinking about the party games, then try some White Elephant Exchange. You must be thinking about how to do a white elephant exchange.

Then you landed in the right place. Here I am gonna tell you everything about Yankee gift exchange.

Before I tell what is  Yankee gift exchange. What else you may want to know? Why do you call it white elephant exchange, how to do it, how a gift should be wrapped? Am I right? If yes read the full article.

What is a White Elephant Gift Exchange?

White Elephant Gift exchange is also known as Yankee Swap or Dirty Santa. It is a party game where people exchange some amusing, impractical, and funny gifts.

White Elephant comes out from an idiom which meant to Burdensome Possession with some useless product.


Since 1600’s “white elephant” is in existence. In the 19th Century, the phrase “white elephant” and “gift of a white elephant” came to existence. In early 20th the phrase got attached to white elephant swaps and white elephant sales. Many donors donated their unwanted, unloaded “their trash” which can be “treasure for someone else”.

How to do White Elephant Gift Exchange?

If you’re planning to go for Santa gift exchange then you must follow the rules.

Rule 1. Every gift should be of the same budget

Rule 2. Players have to bring a wrapped gift to a common pool.

Rule 3. Players will get a number after gift submission.

Rule 4. Numbers will be withdrawn from a hat or bowl.

Rule 5. Everyone has to sit in a circle or line, so everyone can see the gift pile.

Rule 6. Every player has to select a gift from the pool and opens it, and everyone should see it.

Rule 7. After all, players get their gifts and the first player gets a chance to swap he or she is holding.

If you or someone else steals the gift, wait for your gift to return or not. The game ends after two or three swaps or till the time anyone denies to steal anyone’s gift.

How to wrap the gifts?

As the gift exchange is quite an interesting game, so it is important to cover up your gift completely.

White elephant gift exchange wrap
White elephant gift exchange wrap

Now, you must be thinking what to gift then try some of these.

White elephant gift exchange ideas
White elephant gift exchange ideas
White elephant gift exchange ideas
White elephant gift exchange ideas
White elephant gift exchange ideas


It’s Christmas season, I hope I have answered everything you were seeking for. Have fun and don’t forget to tag me, your pics on Instagram.

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