Know About The 8 Con Stars Of Ocean’s 8

Surprisingly enough, it has been a year decade when the Steven Soderbergh’s film Ocean Trilogy was ended with the Ocean’s thirteen. However, for every Ocean film fanatic and for those who want a team of all the top stars in one film, there is good news for such movie fanatics.

In this very year, the world will witness the top 8 Hollywood actress come together in one single film. Well, such moments will be an exhilarating thrill for every movie lover, right? Yes, absolutely! With the release date of Ocean 8 not far away, let us jot down our eyes towards the top 8 con stars of Ocean 8.

1. Sandra Bullock as Debbie Ocean

Meet such an iconic actress who is the Sister of Danny Ocean and is the mastermind behind the jewelry heist. The location which is allotted is at Met Gala. In terms of prison keep age, she has been incarnated for around five years. As soon as she will appear on screen, she will be the leader of the thief team of women altogether.

2. Cate Blanchett as Lou

Known as the Rusty from the Ocean 11 film, it seems that she will play an essential role in this particular film. She is the right-hand of Debbie and always has her focused right in front of the target, regardless of the condition.

3. Anna Hathway as Daphne Kluger

Since we saw the trailer for the Movie, in Ocean 8, one thing is quite clear- their team is after the necklace which Daphne Kluger is wearing. However, Anna Hathaway, is playing the role of a lucky socialite.

4. Mindy Kaling as Amita

Amita is a jewelry designer by profession and she has immense skills in such profession. Her mother wants her to get married and seems to be a bit stereotyped in the trailer. Debbie is in need of an expert which Amita will surely fulfill her needs to a level par excellence.

5. Sarah Paulson as Tammy

Debbie again establishes with Tammy who is a much older friend of her. Afterward, Tammy decided to come back after understanding the real deal from such scenario.

6. Awkwafina as Constance

In such type of movies, a trickster is a must. Hence, Awkwafina does play a constant who is a con girl, roaming in the streets. Debbie is in need of an artful dodger and this girl will be a sheer choice for her.

7. Rihanna as Nine Ball

In terms of a brain which is much techie in nature, Rihanna can be the perfect match to fulfill such needs. She is named Nine Ball and will play a much important role in this film.

8. Helena Bonham Carter as Rose

She is a much more seamstress girl who doesn’t care about anything. Rose apparently will get closer to Daphne and the intention is going to be the necklace, don’t you think so?

Well, I know you must be waiting for this amazing Con film. Once again go through these characters, gather some more information on this topic and get ready to watch this marvelous film as and when it will hit the theatres.


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