Kevin Spacey sexual misconduct saga continues with three more men coming out

Kevin Spacey

Kevin Spacey continues to be at the receiving end of sexual misconduct accusations with three more men claiming that the actor behaved in objectionable manner.

In a statement to Buzzfeed, Justin Dawes said that Spacey had invited him and his friend to an apartment to watch Chinatown. Dawes said he was 16 at the time. However, that didn’t happen and instead of watching Chinatown Spacey played pornography on the television and made them cocktails.

A journalist who wishes to remain anonymous is the second accuser also claims that he interviewed Spacey in early 2000s. Post the interview he was invited to a club. While the interview was normal, at the club Spacey started groping him claimed the journalist. The journalist added that he told Spacey about his relationship with a woman and as he tried to leave the club, Spacey was furious. The journalist didn’t cover Spacey’s sexual misconduct as a story because he didn’t want to portray Spacey as a gay man.

The latest accusations come just days after Star Trek: Discovery actor Anthony Rapp publicly revealed how Spacey made unwanted sexual advances towards him when he was 14-year-old.

The third person who accused Spacey of sexual misconduct is Mark Ebenhoch who claimed that when he was on the set of 1995 film Outbreak, Spacey used to have a group of young men hanging around in his trailer. Ebenhoch said that one day one of Spacey’s assistants approached him and invited him to the actor’s trailer where he was asked flat out to engage in sexual act.

Spacey has found himself in the centre of sexual misconduct allegations and some grave repercussions. The actor has already lost House of Cards Season 6 with Netflix suspending production of the latest series. While this one could be seen as a career blow, Scotland Yard’s decision of opening up and investigation into an alleged assault by Spacey could tarnish the Hollywood icon’s image for eternity.


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