Karen McDougal Trump: Who Is She?

There have been alleged rumors about the said sexual affair that has been going on between Karen McDougal Trump and Donald Trump, who is the president of America. Their affair is soon to become one of the most public affairs of all time. On this Tuesday, this former model for Playboy, Karen McDougal was seen filing a lawsuit which was against the National Enquirer, who allegedly paid a lump-sum amount of money to keep mum about the affair with the present president Donald Trump which was about the year ago.

Karen McDougal With The Present President Trump

The lawsuit was filed by the model who is of the age 46 at the Los Angeles Superior Court. She also reported that the attorney of President Trump who is known as Michael Cohen is also responsible for her negotiation with the AMI. She also further reported that she was completely misled about the entire deal with the National Enquirer. However, the White House and its members still continue to deny all the rumors that surround the President’s fidelity.

This surely stirred up some of the wildest rumors about the model and the President. However, we still know so little about the model and it is due to this reason that we are here with some facts on the former model for Playboy.

She Was Known To Be The Playmate Of The Year

This is one of the lesser-known facts about the model that she was once considered to be the Playmate Of The Year. She apparently grew up and went ahead to teach Kindergarten in a small town of Michigan before she came into the world of modeling. Shortly after her arrival, she was crowned with the status of the Playmate Of The Year in 1998.

Her Relationship With Trump Was Consensual

An article from the Wall Street Journal which was released in the year 2016 on the November edition stated that the relationship of the former model with the President went on for a period of 10 months. They apparently laid eyes on each other when the President visited the Playboy Mansion. The President also asked for the number of Karen, or as she tells us. After a few conversations on their phones, they eventually started dating each other.

Trump Was Married At That Time

It has been stated in the papers of the New Yorker that McDougal accompanied Trump to all the different events which happened across the country. As the President had to hide the fact that he was taking her, he would reimburse the amount that she paid for hotels and flights. What is more shocking about the entire thing is that h President was married to Melanie

She Apparently Met The Family Of Trump

This is another one of the facts that most people don’t know but Karen McDougal Trump claimed that the President had introduced the model to the different members of his family. He also took her to his residence and showed her around the Trump Tower which is situated in New Jersey. She also had lunch with his family as well.

So, what do you think? Are the rumors about Karen McDougal Trump and The President true?  


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