Joseph Gordon Levitt – A Multitalented American Actor In Playing Dynamic Roles

Acting is something that Joseph was born with. If you are thinking that either father or mother of Joseph Gordon Levitt connects him to acting then you are wrong. Joseph is a born artist. When he was just 4, he took part in a musical theater group. He also appeared in several commercials and television shows at that time. As a child actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt gained popularity when he had appeared in A River Runs Through It, Angels in the Outfield and 10 Things I Hate About You and in several TV series. Joseph Gordon Levitt or jgl actor is not only well-known for his acting talent but also known for his singing talent and as a filmmaker

Interesting Facts of JGL

Joseph Gordon Levitt or jgl married to Tasha McCauley and they have two beautiful children, two boys. jgl brother is Dan who was a photographer by profession. Dan died in the year of 2010 when he was just 36.  Joseph studied at Van Nuys High School and he was graduated in the year 1999. He concentrated in higher study in the year 2000 and took a break from his acting career. Though, he dropped studying at Columbia University in the year 2004 and returned to his acting profession.  

His Ravishing Acting Career

When he came back to acting again, he decided to do only good films. He drew attention of audiences after with his films, Manic, Mysterious Skin, Brick, The Minnesota Daily’s and Latter Days and so on. he set a mark in acting and played every challenging roles with grace, beauty and perfection. The jgl robin character in the film The Dark Knight Rises caught attention of audiences. In the film he was playing the role of a police officer and at the end of the film he came out as Robin, the next Batman.  


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