John Legend Has Set Us A “All Of Us” Goals For Love!

If you love the art form of Music and acting then by no means can you not be aware of the name John Legend! John Legend is a name that has been associated with so many famous songs and so many great many roles, that you can absolutely not imagine of.

But one of the greatest roles that he plays is certainly that of a husband in the real life. Is one of the most amazing persons as a husband and it is confirmed by none other than johnny legend wife Chrissy Teigen.

The love story of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen is nothing less of a fairytale, and often office people with a expectation and marriage goals that they can hardly imagine of.

Dreamy marriage:

When John Legend met Chrissy Teigen in the year of 2007, during the music video for “Stereo”, there is nothing more beautiful than that moment. They may have not started immediately, but his all time favourite “All of Me” was actually be dedicated to her.

They started dating in the year of 2011 and from the month of December. After dating for 4 years they decided to bring a closer to the relationship by giving it a name of marriage.

After all how long can you stay apart especially when you are totally one whole person? This is absolutely when John decided to take matters in his own hands and he proposed her. They got married on September 14th 2013 and the john legend wife wedding pictures were one to die for! It was all an romantic affair as he decided to get married in beautiful Como, Italy.

They have seen everything beautiful since then. They conceived to their child on October 12th 2015. It was through the IVF process. Of course Luna was born to them on April 14th 2016. They are expecting their second child, a boy and has announced to the same on January 28 2018. Nothing is more important to john legend wife and kids other than him!


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