Jewelry Trends to Try in 2020

Trends are ever-changing or making huge comebacks when it comes to fashion, whether it is clothing, shoes, or accessories. Following trends that you like is a great way to express your personal style, but knowing where to begin can be tricky if you are unsure of what is currently trending. Jewelry will brighten up any outfit and can be worn casually or formally for any occasion that you are attending, making it the perfect accessory to put your outfit together. There are many different styles that are on-trend at the moment, so we have put together a list of the top styles that are definitely worth trying this season. 


Pearl effects and embellishments are bang on trend this year and can be worn in multiple ways. A standard pearl necklace will never go out of fashion. However, pearls are being worn with choker style necklaces which can be matched with layered chains for a chic and trendy look.

Chunky Necklaces 

We are currently seeing chunky necklaces styled by celebrities and style icons a lot on the internet and in magazines. Super easy to jazz up a plain outfit, a chunky chain is a great statement piece. There are plenty of ways to wear a statement necklace if you are not used to big jewelry items; it just takes pairing it with all the right clothing items and keeping other accessories very minimal. 

Padlock and Key

Seen all over the runway recently, the padlock jewelry trend is everywhere. It doesn’t stop there, though; safety pins and keys should be seen in your jewelry box this year. 

Drop Dangle Earrings

Whatever the material or color, dramatic dangling earrings are standing out right now. Perfect to dress up an updo hairstyle, these are another great statement piece that will keep you looking stylish. 


Butterfly chains, earrings, bracelets, and pretty much every single accessory you can think of can now be seen all over Instagram with adorable butterfly details. A gorgeous trend to try this summer, you won’t go wrong with a delicate chain that has crystal butterfly features.

Mix and Match

Mixing and matching your jewelry tones is definitely in right now. Don’t be afraid to mix silver with gold, as there is even jewelry made mixed together just for that. Brands like Orocal have a wide range of gold jewelry to choose from that are ideal to experiment with the two-tone trend. 

Shoe Jewelry

The jewelry trends this year are on a totally new level. Add some sass to your outfit with ankle chains and rhinestone anklets. Multiple brands such as Fenti design ankle jewelry that will match your shoes and lots of designers like Jimmy Choo create shoes that already have chain accessories on the design of the shoe, making it easier than ever for you to add a chic jewelry trend to your outfit.

Jewelry trends are timeless and incredibly easy to style, so why not try adding these ideas to your wardrobe if you are trying to follow what is in fashion this year!


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