Japanese Nobel Laureate Dr. Takaaki Kajita interacts with students

Japanese Nobel Laureate Dr. Takaaki Kajita known for his neutrino experiments on Kamiokande and its successor, Super-Kamiokande delivered at lecture on “Discovery of Neutrino Oscillations” to students and faculty of Amity University.

Dr Kajita was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics jointly with Canadian physicist Arthur B. McDonald in 2015.

Dr. Kajita outlined how he had discovered Neutrino Oscillations, Atmospheric Neutrino Deficit and the importance of small Neutrino Mass. Talking about his work which brought him the Nobel Prize, he outlined that Neutrinos are fundamental particles like electrons, which are produced during cosmic interactions in the atmosphere.

He highlighted that he along with other members of the Super-Kamiokande Group further researched on the entire phenomena with the help of Super-Kamiokande detector which finally led to the discovery of Neutrino Oscillations in 1998 and concluded that Neutrinos have mass, which is not zero. This discovery refuted the existing conventional theories of physicists about Neutrons.

He shared that right from high school, he had an interest in physics and always found it interesting and fascinating. He stressed that he was always inclined towards experimental physics and decided to become a scientist eventually.

He highlighted that during the Big Bang in the Universe, particles and anti-particles were generated, but in the present day universe, only matter particles are observed.

This mystery, he stressed, motivated him to study particle physics and .undertake his award winning research.

He motivated the students to keep doing research in newer areas and explore ways to better the existing research.

He will be conferred an honorary doctorate degree by Amity University tomorrow.


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