ISS footage at center of meteor or alien spaceship debate [Video]

ISS footage at center of meteor or alien spaceship debate [Video]

A new video captured from the International Space Station (ISS) and released by European Space Agency (ESA) has sparked a debate of whether a certain object visible in the video is a meteor or an alien spaceship.

Videos from ISS are always one of the most sought after captures that provide stunning visuals of our planet Earth and have become a routine fodder for UFO and alien conspiracy theorists as well who are looking for clues to prove their theories are correct. There have been multiple such attempts as showing that the video from ISS has inadvertently captured UFOs or alien spaceships – something that governments around the world and NASA are trying to hide.

A new footage by ISS astronaut Paolo Nespoli has been caught in the center of such a conspiracy theory. The video shows a fireball in Earth’s atmosphere with scientists stating that it was a meteorite. However, according to operators of YouTube channel ‘Secureteam10’, the video shows off an alien ship and not a meteor.

Meteor experts have rubbished alien spaceship claims, conspiracy theorists are not buying it. They claim that a meteor will not travel at such a slow speed and also believe that the fireball is not a celestial object but an alien UFO, which came to visit the ISS.

Astronauts believe that the glowing fireball is either space debris or a speeding meteor, Tyler Glockner, who runs ‘Secureteam10’, is not ready to believe these claims and says ‘the tail’, which is the most noted characteristic of the meteor, is missing.

In November 2015, the ISS live camera cut off mid-stream after the footage from NASA’s live camera feed zoomed in on a mysterious glowing orb before suddenly cutting out without warning.

UFO hunters were confident that the ISS had intercepted a UFO, however, NASA was quick in denying the statement, citing a technical error.

There have been many previous instances and many after that as well, involving mysterious objects being spotted near ISS during spacewalks and live streams, the presence of which have had no explanation.


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