Is Diet Soda Bad For You | Which Is Better – Diet Soda Or Regular One ?

Is Diet Soda Bad For You

Among all beverages, diet soda is quite popular among people who wish to reduce calorie or sugar consumption. You might be thinking whether drinking diet soda good for health or not. In place of sugar, artificial items such as cyclamate, aspartame, and acesulfame-k are used to add the sweet content in the soda. This diet soda came into being during 1950 and preferable for the one suffering from diabetes. Later on, it was also marketed to the people who are trying to lose some calories. However, there are certain controversies whether diet soda is good for health or not.


Why Is Diet Soda Bad For Your Health?

You must be wondering is diet soda bad for you? If such is the case, then to tell you the truth, it is not nutritious. It is a mixture of carbonated water, colours, flavours, and natural sweeteners and food additives. Since it is calorie free, then you must be thinking that it helps to reduce weight. According to research, it can be said that effect on weight can be conflicting.

Intake of diet soda increases your appetite as it helps to stimulate the hunger hormones. Since the diet soda or soft drinks do not contain any calories, it results in the higher intake or other food that have high-calorie content, and ultimately you end up gaining weight.


Why Choose Diet Soda Over Regular Soda?

According to the research of Susan E. Swithers, a professor of physiological science that more awareness should be spread for limited intake of sweeteners. The main indication of this research is diet soda worse than regular soda. Some prefer diet soda over regular soda as the former one does not leave any residue on the teeth like that of the regular soda due to the presence of artificial sweeteners. The regular soda contains natural sugar, and it is the main content that is required by plaque present inside the mouth to grow. However, diet soda contains acid, and with time it has the capacity to affect the teeth enamel.

Although regular soda does not contain sugar does not mean it is not going to contribute to your waistline. But then again, it has been concluded that diet soda actually adds to your weight gain instead of helping you to lose the same.


Health problem from diet soda

Health Problem Resulting From Drinking Diet Soda

If you are wondering about the answer to the question that why is soda bad for you, then here the detail of it. Here is a list of how diet soda destroys the smooth functioning of the body.

  • Kidney issues – The Long-term drinking of soda results in the reduction of the kidney functions.
  • Cardiovascular problems – It has been found that adults who drink more diet soda are more prone to suffer from heart diseases.
  • Depression – When an individual is drinking more than four cans of soda on a daily basis, there are higher chances of depression in that person. The risk rate is higher for the one who drinks diet soda compared to the regular one.


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