First Review of iPhone XS – How Better is iPhone XS

iPhone XS First Review

In a recent special event held on 12th September, Apple Inc. revealed three new iPhones – iPhone XS, XS Max, and iPhone XR, and these phones are creating a buzz in the tech market. The first wave of reviews of Apple’s latest iPhone XS and XS max are in, and interesting news is that they are widely favorable. Most of the reviewers are saying, if you own one of the older models, then this iPhone is a big upgrade and worth of your money. The people who are testing the features of this phone are applauding the camera, A12 processor, big display and faster LTE and large screen size. Apart from that, there are very few things about this phone we can complain. The phone is truly attractive and impressive. Let’s take a look at the main feature of this phone.

So Here Are The Key Attraction Of This Brand New iPhone XS:

iPhone XS camera


If you using the iPhone and the iPhone is your main camera and you using its older version, then iPhone XS can be a good upgrade. Both dual rear camera and the improvements even on iPhone X are pretty big. The front camera comes with 7 megapixel and the rear camera comes with 12 megapixels with a sensor. The iPhone XS deliver the best smartphone camera, the image sensors that absorb light are better than before. For outdoor photos, this phone produces some dynamic range and better details in both highlights and shadows. Comparing to its older version, the final photo that comes after the click is far more balanced.

iPhone XS Long Battery life

Long Battery life

The battery life of the iPhone XS is even better than Apple promised during the keynote. Apple claims of 90 minutes battery life more than iPhone X. In fact, it runs a full 12 hours of battery life without low power mode. Because most of the people the people have heavy internet usage so battery life plays a very crucial role.

iPhone XS Screen size

Screen Size Is Addictive

All the lovers of iPhone who loves perfect screen size then this new upgrade is the best option for that. This phone comes with 5.8 inches yet this size is not large but this size is perfect for the smartphones. At the same time, the screen size of this iPhone Max XS comes with 6.5 inches, if you are looking for larger screens size.

iPhone XS Super-Fast LTE

Super-Fast LTE

5G wireless data will not be coming to iPhone until next year at the earliest but the new LTE modem on the iPhone XS is so fast, it might overperform your Wi-Fi. Without any doubt, it is definitely faster than iPhone X. It offers download speed of 250 Mbps whereas 175mbps was the download speed by iPhone X.

iPhone XS Faster Face ID

Faster Face ID

Face ID is a very important concern for the users in terms of phone security. Many testers tried this updated feature in a few different positions, but every time this is working fine and with fast speed. Face ID is faster and more responsive. It works pretty well most of the time.

It is very clear now the initial reviews that the camera of iPhone XS impressed the most. The battery life, display, and performance are slightly better. Reviewers were universally impressed with the iPhone XS with large screen size. Even with so many improvements than the old version, some disappointment like lackluster improvement made to face ID. It might be faster but not much seems to have been done to improve accuracy and versatility.

iPhone XS Specifications

At the price of $1000, for the iPhone XS reviewers are not worried about it, but yes this new launch can be better upgraded for the existing iPhone X users.

So here is the conclusion for this phone.

Good Things About iPhone XS

  • Amazing display
  • Great Speakers
  • Long Battery Life
  • Lightning fast LTE

Some Not So Good Things About This Phone:

  • Portrait mode is extremely hit or miss
  • Face ID is fine but not that much good
  • Expensive

The leading website and tech expert are giving the 8.5 rating out of 10 on the scale. If you are the hardcore fan of the Apple products then it can be a good upgrade if you are using iPhone X. iPhone XS would be a must go if you are an apple fan or looking to switch your phone.

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