Interesting Facts about Singer Stevie Nicks

Steven Nicks known as Queen of Rock and Roll, but do you know? The 69 years old singer is working from last 50 years, almost 5 decades. She has achieved massive success in her career. Here we are sharing some interesting facts and things about Stevie Nicks, which you definitely don’t know about her.

Distinctive Voice

Stevie Nicks has distinctive voice and mystical stage persona. Her voicemade her one of the best-selling music acts of all time with Fleetwood Mac. Because of her distinctive voice and symbolic lyrics, Nicks named one of the 100 Greatest Songwriters of All Time, andworld’s top 100 Greatest Singers of All Time.

Queen of Rock and Roll

Absolutely, this is the best title for Stevie Nicks, which defines her in a line. She got “Queen of Rock and Roll” title during work with Fleetwood Mac rock band, and also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998.

Success of Fleetwood Mac

Stevie Nicks is best known for her working with popular British-American band, Fleetwood Mac. She joined the Fleetwood Mac band in 1975, and their second album become best-selling album of the year. That album was number one on the American Album chart, and reached Number one in various countries.

Inspired by Sixth Grade Talent Show

Stevie Nicks got inspiration to become a performer from Sixth Grade Talent show. That show gave her confidence to perform in front of people and fans.

Singing in Blood

Stevie’s grandfather was a country singer and guitarist. Her grandfather, Aaron Nicks, taught her how to sing and play guitar when she was just five years old.

Solo Artist

Stevie Nicks was worked with Fleetwood Mac, but she was a solo artist too. As a solo artist, she produced over 40 top-50 hits and sold over 140 million records. She has released a total of eight solo studio albums and her most recent solo album is“24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault”, which released in 2014.

Daughter of Former President

Stevie Nicks’s father, Jess Nicks, was a former president of Greyhound’s Armour-Dial, while her mother, Barbara Nicks, was a homemaker.

Marriage and Affairs

Stevie Nicks only married once in her life with Kim Anderson. But they divorced after a few months. She started to date Lindsey Buckingham in 1968, and joined the Fleetwood Mac band together. They separated in 1970. After Lindsey, Mick Fleetwood, Don Henley, Jimmy Iovine also appeared in her life.

Her Song Become Collective Item

Stevie’s song “Silver Springs” become collective item for her fans. This song was written about her relationship with Lindsey Buckingham.

Childhood Hero of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swith, who is a popular singer and songwriter, one said that Stevie Nick as one of her childhood heroes.

We hope you like these interesting facts and things about Stevie Nicks. We will come back with another Celeb’s facts.


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