Important Things to Consider Before Buying Loose Diamonds

People who like to buy expensive jewels understand the importance of loose diamonds. They are easy to inspect and gives you the flexibility to make custom design jewelry. A diamond is a perfect gift when you want to surprise someone but not sure what jewel to give. By gifting a loose diamond, you give choice and freedom to the person to create their own piece of the jewel as per their preference.

Continue reading to find the important factors that you should consider before you shop loose diamond.

Know the Certification

It is important to understand the certification before buying loose diamonds. A certification is a proof that the diamond has been gone through several evaluation processes by the authorized gemological laboratory. With this certificate, you can know the exact quality and characteristics of that particular diamond. These trustworthy certifications are great to retain the value of a loose diamond than many other preset stones sold without certifications. Hence, before you buy a loose diamond, check for the certificate from authorized laboratories like GIA, AGS, EGL, IGI, and HRD.

Size Matters

Many people think that bigger diamonds are great but it is not true. Bigger diamonds are rare to find compared to small size diamonds. Therefore, while buying loose diamonds it is important to decide on the quality and size of the diamond you want. Pay attention to both these features and then make your mind about the purchase. Smaller diamonds are easily available and high-quality finish is available. For some people, the size is more important than the finish while for others, its characters are more preferred than the size. Whichever you prefer the most, focus on it at the time of picking the diamonds.

Do Time Management

When you wish to do something from scratch, time management becomes an evitable factor. Similarly, when you want to buy a loose diamond for making a piece of jewelry for your special someone, you need to plan ahead of time. Ensure to pick a shop that can help you with both buying loose diamonds and turning it into a piece of jewelry. It will save you time and you can get your final piece at earliest as it can. In Australia, Town square jewelers are one of the oldest and best places to buy loose diamonds and jewelry both.

Understand 4C Rule

4c is one of the most popular diamond buying rules. It ensures you that you are picking the right diamond. Also, it gives a better understanding of the diamond’s value. First C stands for Color and, it ranges from D (Colorless) to Z (light yellow). The second C stands for Clarity and its tiny imperfections that every diamond has. The lesser clarity means the higher the quality. The third C stands for Carat and, it represents the weight. One carat equals 0.2 grams of weight. Lastly, the fourth C is the Cut and, it represents the shape, symmetry, and light reflection. These are the four most important characteristics that decide the value of a diamond. Therefore while buying, makes sure to focus on the factors that matter to you the most to stay in your budget.


These four factors will be to help you to pick the right diamonds in your budget. If you get second thoughts, contact professional consultants. They understand the diamond and its value clearly. Therefore, never hesitate to take their advice on the same. Buying loose diamonds can be pleasing and unforgettable experience irrespective of the occasion.


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