How Tupac’s Biography Disappointed Jada Pinkette!

Who doesn’t know about Jada pinkett and Will Smith? And of course about their successful marriage life? Will Smith and Jada pinkett are head over heels for each other and there can be no doubt in the same.

Unfortunately Jada Pinkett has been dragged into a very unlikely report and it has really disappointed and upset her. There is no doubt in the fact that jada pinkett and tupac Shakur has been really great friends ever till Tupac had been assassinated in the year of 1996.

The problem:

Recently in 2017 all Eyes on me and American film about Tupac Shakur, had been released. It was directed by Benny Boom and it had fortunately been named after, Tupac’d 4th Studio album.

Jada is absolutely not happy with how she was portrayed in the film. She was rather disappointed by how the relationship of tupac and jada pinkette was shown in the film. She was absolutely astounded by the various parts of the movies and she made it very clear in a particular interview. She told that people could not understand her relationship with Tupac.

No she decided not to show any beef with Kate Graham, the actress who played her part in the movie, Jada was frankly not impressed with the way the director directed the film. She was found tweeting “Forgive me… my relationship to Pac is too precious to me for the scenes in ‘All Eyez On Me’ to stand as truth”

She also disagreed to the scene where Tupac was seen reading the poem “The Rose That Grew From Concrete.” to her. She mentioned that she absolutely had not a bit idea about it until the book made it to the counters.

She was also found sating that: “Pac never said goodbye to me before leaving for LA.


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