How To Dress Warm In Winters?

The winter here’s cold and bitter, its chilled us to the bone. We may not see the sun for too long, weeks. But how to dress warm this winter?

Winters are at the door, and it is the need of the moment that we need to dress warm before leaving the house.

But staying warmer and trendy is the real task. The one thing that you can do is layering yourself with warm.

What is Layer Dressing?

Layer is dressing means to add clothes on you one by one. Layer dress is an art to keep yourself warm and cozy when you leave home.

stay warm with your layer dress

Firstly, divide your clothing into 3 sections


It is important for you to note that our top body does sweat even in the winter season. So before deciding what to wear on your top checkout list below:

  1. Tank Top
    Cotton Tank Top helps your body to soak all the sweat. It will help your body to stimulate all the heat within the body to keep you warm.
  2. Base Layer With Long Sleeves
    The second layer that you wear will be your base layer to lock the heat inside the clothes.
  3. Wool Blend Sweater
    Wool Blend Sweater will help you to generate heat within you
  4. Thin Vest
    Wear a thin vest before you wear a Jacket it will help you to keep your chest warm.
  5. Down Jacket


The clothes that you wear to cover your legs will be said as the Bottoms. If your legs remain uncovered you may feel colder more than anything. Also, remember legs are the first to make you hypothermic in extreme situraion.

  1. Thin Wool Socks
    Wool Socks will help you to keep your feet warm Be careful you must wear lean thin socks so that your feet can breathe.
  2. Base Layer Leggings
    Keep the base layer legging wool and cotton blended socks to keep your legs breathing and maintaining the grip with heat.
  3. Jeans with Stretch
    Stretched jeans will allow you to wear them with a base layer and will be able to keep you warm.
  4. Lined Boots or Shoes
    Lined boots or shoes will not allow air to enter and disturb your warm body temperature.


  1. Scarf
    Wear a scarf all over the neck. Don’t let the winters ditch you by entering in you from the neck.
  2. Wool Caps
    Cover your head and the ears. Only let your nose feel cold, just flaunt your smile.
  3. Thin Warm Pair Gloves
    I know you have to work with your hands but you can put them on while they are free and on rest.

So it’s really very cold out there and I’ll suggest you, stay warm. Keep all the stuff for emergency situations.

I hope you had a look at our past post about knits and the types of coats that can help you a lot in staying warm. If you have any waste of winter clothes do donate them. Maybe someone needs to stay warm.

If I missed something share with us. And don’t forget to do thumbs up to the article.


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