Best Guidelines to Choose Luxury Swimwear

Shopping for luxury swimwear is a dreaded process that is, at times, filled with fear and frustration. Every woman has a different shape, and depending on your body type, certain features and cuts will differ when compared to others.

The best strategy for finding the correct swimwear is finding the right designs and details that flatter your assets and at the same time, downplay your less-loved parts. Getting the best well-fitting swimwear will ensure you are comfortable, confident and look stunning when you go to the beach or pool for the next time.

Here are some factors that you need to consider while looking for the best swimwear for your body type.

The Credibility of a Designer

When searching for luxury swimwear onlinethe trustworthy of the designer is the first thing that you must look for. To get designer credibility, you should check on customer’s feedback rather depending on adverts that you see on social media. You should also find other people and talk to them who have bought a swimwear and ask for their recommendation.

Best ways to select luxury swimwear

Body Type

There are different body types available such as pear-shaped, straight, inverted triangle, apple-shaped, and hourglass. 

Straight Shaped

These are women who are thin all-round, their hips and bust almost the same with a small waist. If you have this type of body, you should try to create the illusion of having more curves. To achieve this, you need to look for swimwear that has louder prints and bright colours so that they can create the look of more volume.  You should do triangle tops and trappings to add a hint of feminine flair to your body. Another great figure-flattering option that you should get is monokinis with waist cutouts that will help emphasize your natural curves. You should use minimal coverage and less support so that you can have the freedom to play around with various styles. While at the same time, they give an illusion of more curves and highlight your shape in a complimentary manner. You should avoid wearing shapeless one-pieces and straight-across bandeaus.


These are the type of women to whom their waist is larger than the hips and busts, and their hips are narrow compared to the shoulders. If you have this type of body, you should find swimwear that will minimize your waist. You should consider getting a swimsuit with asymmetric necklines, belts, and patterns that imitate the lines of your curvy shape. You should wear a swimsuit that places details and focus on the top of your body; this way, you will show the flattering parts of your body while creating a balance in your body.

Pear Shaped

These are women who have fuller thighs and hips while their waist slant out of their hips. These women face challenges trying to get the right luxury swimwear; it either fits on their hips or is baggy on the top of the opposite. If you have this type of body, try to choose a swimwear that emphasizes your small waist and at the same time, hides your hips. 

You should consider wearing luxury swimwear with mixed and matched bottoms that will work with your body. Also, consider wearing one piece-style that has embellishment around your bustline. It also helps to highlight your above part of the body and balance your shape.

Inverted Triangle

For women with this type of body, they usually have a large bust, skinny hips, and a waist that is not well defined.

If you have full cleavage, you should get a well-supported top. It is wise for you to stop wearing a string bikini and opt for a luxury suite with underwear. For you to balance the top proportions, consider a swimsuit so that it can minimize your bust and at the same time, add shape to your hips and waist.

You can also consider wearing a tall triangle bikini top as long as it has under bust support, while halter tops with thick straps efficiently break up the full stretch of shoulders.


If you have this type of body, you have the luxury of wearing most swimwear styles. But depending on your exact shape, some fit better while others don’t. One-piece swimwear tends to look great on women with this type of figure, while louder prints enhance their curvy appearance. If you are tall, you can wear a high waist bottom and a bikini top which will help you emphasize your waist and show off your assets. 

Apart from considering your designer and body type while looking for luxury swimwear online, there are other factors that you should consider. They are your skin colour, the material used, and price. When you consider all these factors, you will get the best swimwear that will make you feel comfortable. 


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