How One Woman Is Changing The Face Of The Financial Planning Industry

Jessica Weaver is a New Jersey Certified Financial Planner who found women weren’t responsive to the good old boy’s network of retirement planning.  Women, she found were intimidated by the word money and they needed to trust their financial advisor before making a commitment.  Weaver has now developed a niche of women in her “tribe” who follow her religiously and become clients because she is not the traditional financial advisor.  For example, you’ll rarely catch her in a suit.  She has a sassy, modern stylish approach to her look and isn’t afraid of wearing hot pink to a meeting or speaking engagement.    

Weaver also found that the way to tap into her clients wasn’t by just having meetings. She hosts workshops, does speaking events, writes a popular blog, Not Your Father’s Advisor and has just launched her second book already a bestseller, Time To Refine: A Strong Woman’s Guide to Retiring On Her On Terms.    And Weaver is very active on social media and her strong sense of style comes through whether it be on Facebook and Instagram.   

Her second book focuses on empowering women who are approaching retirement or already going through it.  “The aim of this book was to help them gain control of their finances, and with it, build their confidence as decision makers. Jessica says “It isn’t purely about saving money, but creating a retirement income for the long run that helps you retire on your own terms.” 

In 2018, started the “Strong Retirement Club” to specifically address similar challenges faced by older women. She wanted to help them become self-reliant, confident, and self-sufficient, capable of conquering their challenges and live a happy and fulfilling life. 

To help reach more women across the world, Jessica launched #pinkfix alongside her other platforms.  A campaign which focuses on transformation, change, attaining financial freedom, and stability.  She has even created a national holiday around this concept for women.  National #pinkfix Day is officially May 17th and Weaver alongside her “tribe” of women celebrated it to coincide with the launch of the new bookTime To Refine: A Strong Woman’s Guide To Retiring On Her Own Terms.    Jessica adds, “#pinkfix is a reset button – reset your money, your life, and your goals.” 

Weaver wants women to know that there is a built-in support system of women there who can help no matter what issue they may be having.

Jessica Weaver



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