Heathrow Airport is located to the west of Central London, and the distance between London City and Heathrow Airport is 20 miles by road.  

Every day about 190,000 passengers arrives and depart from Heathrow Airport. 

When you arrive at Heathrow Airport and have to reach London City, there are four modes of the airport to city transfers available, by taxi, by train, by underground and by bus.  

For your airport transfers to the London, city taxis are available 24×7 and Heathrow airport taxi are always the most convenient and costs around 57 pounds for a 30-minute ride to downtown.

The train ride from Heathrow Airport to London City is the fastest and most convenient means of Airport Transfers London available. 

Express ticket costs 25 pounds one way and reaches Paddington Station, London in 15 minutes. Heathrow Express runs four times in an hour. 

Other trains also run on this route but are slower. Tickets can be booked online and also be purchased from the ticket desk or automated machines. The train station is on terminal 5, basement level. 

Free shuttle transfers from Terminal 4 are available for Terminal 2 and 3. From Terminal 2 and three follow the signs for Heathrow Central Station. 

Underground Metro is a cheaper option for transfer from Heathrow Airport to London City. A one-way ticket costs 6.80 pounds and takes 35 minutes. 

There are three underground metro stations, one at Terminal 2 & 3, one at Terminal 4 and one at Terminal 5.  These trains are overcrowded and if traveling with a lot of luggage can cause inconvenience also. Metros start from 5.10 to 23.20 and run 24×7 on weekends.

The bus ride from Heathrow Airport to London City takes 50 minutes and costs 1.50 pounds. These buses run every 30 minutes. National Express provides buses from Airport to Victoria Coach Station, and TFL local buses run to all major stops in West London. 

Heathrow Central Station is in between Terminal 2 and 3 and if you arrive at Terminal 4 or 5 use the free shuttle service. National Express buses have luggage storage, free Wi-Fi and are spacious as well. Though the cheapest option but time-consuming. 


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