Hollywood Celebrity Marriages That Ended Up In Divorce

Divorces in Hollywood are pretty common. Every year one can see a list of breakups and divorces, among Hollywood actors and actresses. But what can be the cause of it? Whatever it may be, one thing is for certain that their busy lifestyle does stand out to be one of the factors.

However, here is a list of some of the famous couples who had to go through this divorce phase. Read on!

1. Elizabeth Moss and Fred Armisen

Period- 11 Months

Cupid struck for these two and quite soon they both decided to get married, therefore tying the knot in 2009. But, things were not much pleasing between these two. As a result, the duo went on to start the divorce proceedings in September 2010.

Later on, Elizabeth told news that “The marriage was extremely traumatic and much more painful”. Further, she said that Fred was a cruel husband and never gave helping hands for her.

2. Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Nicky Hilton, Jr

Period- 9 months

Liz was married seven times where she was facing some serious issues. Nicky Hilton was a drunk man and was inevitably not a suitable match for her. Her marriage was done in May 1950 when she was only 18 years old. Later on, she gave divorce after nine months giving mental torcher as her sole reason.

3. Jennifer Esposito and Bradley Cooper

Period- 6 months

Getting married during Christmas and a divorce in the summers is definitely not a great thing. In 2007, Jennifer made an end to her marriage with Bradley Cooper. However, both of them said that the good thing is that, “we have realized it”. Further, Bradley said that Jennifer was much diplomatic and also said her “master manipulator”.

4. Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray

Period- 6 months

After a series of rumors, in the year 2005, Sophia finally called an end with Chad Michael after 6 months of marriage. In 2006, both of them part their ways. While it is being said that working together made them fall in love with each other, in the later years and especially after the divorce, they were captured commenting negative comments against each other in front of the media.

5. Drew Barrymore and Tom Green

Period- 5 Months

It was just a starting point in their marriage when the couple felt apart. Married in 2001, things were surely not much pleasing for Drew and Tom. Divorce filing was done by Tom Green. Further, he was quoted saying that “Drew is a wonderful woman and I wish our marriage would have run for longer time”.

As a part of their life, celebrities’ life is nothing less than a struggle. They do go through divorces, hardships and some of them even do suicide. As of now, I hope you have got the necessary information regarding celebrity divorces.

Such things are surely cruel but as a spectator, we can do just one simple thing. Pray for the betterment of their lives and leave the rest things in God’s hands. 

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