7 Steps To Healthy and Happy Aging and Live Healthy Life


Age is just a number. Really! That’s the old cliché. Recent research has shown that there is a very huge difference between the chronological age, how old you are in calendar years, and biological age. In simple words, biological age is a measure of how quickly your body systems are declining. Biological age matters. As you are aging, you are declining, and that decline will affect every aspect of your healthy, wellness, and appearance starting as early as your late-twenties to the early thirties.

If you are thinking it is all dumb and chance. There is nothing you can do about aging. Most of the people are just destined to decline very quickly and grow old at a young age!

Not at all. Only 20% of your rate of biological aging can be blamed on your genetic code. The remaining 80% relies on environmental and lifestyle factors, many of which you have control over. There are some elements that help to slow the aging process. From diet to exercise, to reducing stress band and of course choosing the right beauty care products.

Below Are 7 Ways To Slow The Aging Process Naturally –

Forget The sugar

say no to sugar

We all are aware of this fact that sugar can cause serious damage to our health and it spikes our blood sugar level, but it can also dramatically age our skin and steal away our youthfulness. Consumption of excess sugar leads to dehydrate the collagen and elastin which are known for skin protective proteins. This process is called advanced glycation end product. Due to glycation, your skin loses its elasticity and start to look dull and less vibrant. Those who are suffering from diabetic, age faster.

Drink More Water

drink more water

Dehydration is a common reason for the aging of the skin. From lubricating our joints to helping flush toxins from our body, water is very important for so many different reasons. Water helps to restore elasticity to the skin and hydrate us on a cellular level and add some more youthful glow.

It is completely based on the activities and lifestyle of every individual because the requirements are different. Generally, it is considered that 2L of water a day is sufficient.

Live An Active Life

Live An Active Life

Regular exercise is one of the significant keys to your physical and mental well-being. Living an active life will help you stay fit enough to maintain your independence to go where you want to and perform you own your routine activities. Regular exercise can prevent you from some deadly diseases.

Eat Healthy Foods

healthy food

Try nutrient-dense foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods. Avoid sweet, salty and highly processed foods. Remember this, every person has different needs of dietary requirements based on their physical activity.

Reduce Stress


High levels of cortisol, your stress hormone, leads to many chronic diseases. From asthma, diabetes, obesity and other gastrointestinal problems. We can reduce stress by practicing deep breathing exercises, meditating.

Get Enough Sleep

sleep enough

Many of us get less than we need. Healthy sleeping habits are keys to vitality, function, and independence. Read a book, take a warm bath and try a few body relaxing techniques. Our body needs at least 6-7 hours of sleep daily.

Try To Get Socialize

Try To Get Socialize

Most people find themselves more isolated in their later years. At times, it becomes difficult to do the things you used to love to do in your early years of life. Try to stay in touch with the people of your community, family, and friends and try to keep your mind healthy.

Think About Aging In A New Way

healthy Think About Aging In A New Way

Your goal may not be living longer, but about increasing the number of healthy years of living you will have in the future. Live a healthy life now, so you can enjoy what have you enjoyed in life for longer. In many ways, we are tested by the life. But positive thinking can be a powerful friend. When you choose to be optimistic and grateful, your mind and body respond in the same way. People with a happy and healthy outlook live longer and have fewer heart attacks and depression than more negative people. This has been proven in many studies.

Try to follow these recommendations we have discussed in this article. It may help you in aging with confidence and support you living independent longer, whether you are living in your family or community.

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