Google Maps provide evidence of alien existence says UFO hunter

Google Maps could hold evidence of alien existence says UFO hunter

Google Maps could point us to sites of UFO landing as well as give us proofs about alien existence, a self-proclaimed UFO expert has said.

Google Maps have been of immense help to us ever since they were launched providing us with digital map services as well as navigation and a lot more. Beyond these worldly use, Google Maps have an extra-worldly use as well says UFO hunters.

Argentinian alien researcher, Marcelo Igazusta, is of the opinion that he has managed to dig out evidence of alien existence in Google Maps. Igazusta says he has found evidence of a “giant pyramid” beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean back in 2016, and that it could be an alien underwater base.

Igazusta’s object can be found at coordinates 12°8’1.49”N 119°35’26.39”W and is reportedly 8.5 miles across its base. There is no other proof that could verify the claims as being an underwater alien base. But UFOSightings Daily’s Scott Warring believes the discovery is incredible all the same.

Scott is of the opinion that the discovery is monumental for it makes public a 8.5-mile pyramid that is biggest the world has ever known. Further the location is also intriguing as it’s right off of Mexico, near the ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids.

He even goes on to claim that only aliens could accomplish to make such a structure. “Humans could never have built such a construction. Only aliens could accomplish making such a massive structure”, he said.

Another image that appears on Google Maps shows a Star Wars-like structure in the middle of the Egyptian desert. The unique sight triggered a debate among UFO hunters who claimed the unique building has links to UFO research. Some have even described it as a “secret UFO base”.

The structure’s existence was noted by SecureTeam10, a source for “UFO sighing videos”. But others have been skeptical and offered logical explanations for the sighting.


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