Global Warming! How It Is Effecting Our Lives? 


The one of the most appealing issue we are facing right now is the global warming and its impact. The effect of global warming is not only devastating for animals or the agriculture, but it also scares down the effects on the human population. Several debates take place regarding the same but due to no implementation of any kind of conversation methodologies and ideas, it is for sure that we human race are going face a lot of issues in the upcoming future.

Effects and Causes of Global Warming

1.Carbon Dioxide Emissions Due To The Burning Of Fossil Fuel Power Plants

Carbon dioxide emissions due to the burning of fossil fuel power plants

The burning of coal through its power plants releases out an enormous amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Due to flooding of more electrical gadgets and usage of ACs, with the no implementation of alternate sources and thereby humans are highly dependent on the burning of coal for daily purposes.

2. Emission Of Carbon Dioxide From Burning Of Gasoline For Transportation

Carbon Dioxide From Burning Of Gasoline

The usage of modern transportation is responsible for about 33% of emissions all over the world. With the increased usage of cars because of the alarming growth rate of population and with no implementation of sustainable development accordingly. With the massive consumer culture, the transportation of goods also got elevated.

3. Emissions Of Methane From Animals, Agriculture, And From Arctic Seabeds

Emissions of methane from animals, agriculture, and from Arctic seabeds

Methane ranks behind C02 in terms of potent to the greenhouse gas. Methane is produced due to breaking down of the organic matter due to break-down of bacteria under the oxygen-starved conditions. The rate or global warming increases out significantly with the escape of methane from the Arctic seabed.

4. Deforestation Especially In The Tropical Forests Because Of The Requirement For Wood, Pulp, and Farmland

Deforestation especially in the tropical forests because of the requirement for wood, pulp, and farmland

Usage of forests for their products like wood and charcoal is one of the major causes of the deforestation. Forests play a major role in the removal or storage of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, just because of so much deforestation the carbon capturing ability of the planet reduces. Just because of the usage of forest land for the sake of humanity’s own commodities like palm oil plantation which actually contributes to the mass deforestation of the world.

5. With The Rise In Sea Levels

With the melting of the two massive icebergs due to an overall increase in the temperature of the earth globally, the sea level is increasing worldwide. The displacement of millions of people will be experienced in the upcoming days. Even some countries like the Maldives have already planned out to look out for a new shelter just because of the rise in the sea levels.

6. With The Increased Use Of Chemical Fertilizers

With the increased use of chemical fertilizers

It is a very well-known fact that the usage of chemical fertilizers has increased dramatically. Just because of the rise in the high rate application of the fertilizers which are rich in nitrogen can seriously affect the heat storage of the cropland. In addition to these, with the presence of high nitrate levels in the groundwater. Due to over-fertilization, human health can also get adversely affected at a great scale.

7. Massive Crop Failures

Massive crop failures Global Warming

If we go through the recent research, we can clearly say that within the upcoming years more than 3 billion will have to shift from their native place to the milder climbs, if they are not willing to be hungry. Just because of increasing desertification and the accompanying effects of the same people will have to go through such situation.

8. The disappearance Of Coral Reefs

dead coral reefs

With the increased temperatures and the acidification of the oceans. This situation will affect the bleaching of the corals which is a severe danger to the ecosystem of the ocean. And not only this, there are enormous organisms in the ocean which are totally dependent upon the coral reefs for their survival.

9. More Killer Storms

Many scientists have proven this fact with clear evidence that with the increase in the global warming. The extremities of a storm will also lead to a greater extent.

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