Brace Yourselves For A Global Internet Shutdown Within The Next 48 Hours

Global Internet Shutdown

From last few days, a buzz has been created in the media that internet services will be going to shut down worldwide for the next two days. There might be widespread network failure as the key domain servers will go for routine maintenance over the next 48 hours. It will be a global internet shutdown.

The Internet has become the modern way of living for all of us. Somehow, we all are connected within this web. Right from food delivery to searching for important information, to online transactions. In other words, you can say, all small and big thing is controlled by the internet. Now just imagine what will happen if the internet shuts down?

It can hugely affect our lives in many ways. For the sake of updating and maintenance, Russia has reported that global internet users might affect network connection failures.

Who Is Responsible For This Internet Shutdown?

This routine maintenance will be performed by The Internet Corporate of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN has announced in July 2016 to upgrade cryptographic key are required to access the security system of website names, called the domain name system security system security extensions.

Why The World Might Experience Internet Shutdown?

Sorry no internet

This organization will be responsible for maintaining the registry of domain names and IP address and it will also change the cryptographic key that helps protect the Domain Name System.

When an internet user types a website on his browser, the internet modem transmits that name to a system that is called resolver- which further converts the website name into a numeric form containing code and server address of the website. ICANN has directed all the internet service providers to upgrade their software that resolves the website name into the digital code and directs the traffic to the right server.

One interesting thing is said by the spokesperson of ICANN, that no one can know exactly which operators have enabled DNSSEC validation on their resolvers, and because no one but the operator can tell if a resolver with right DNSSEC validation enabled was ready for the shutdown. We cannot guess exactly which users might be affected by this process.

What Will Be The Impact On Global Users Due To Global Internet Shutdown?

According to the ICANN, barely 1% of the total internet users all over the world are expected to be affected by the global internet shutdown. If we calculate this percentage of people it would be around 36 million people around the world. If you have come across something similar news and worried about the coming internet-less weekend, then you do not really have much to worry about. Because data analysts are saying more than 99% users whose resolvers are validating will be unaffected. The maintenance work will be carried out in batches, so only certain websites, web pages, and web-based services will be affected at a time.

During this process, global internet users may face network connection failures as the main domain servers and its related network infrastructure will not be operational for some time. Recently, according to the statement of the Communication Regulatory Authority (CRA), it was said that the global internet shutdown is very necessary for ensuring a secure, stable and smooth functioning of DNS. Due to this routine maintenance work, some internet users might be affected if their network operator or Internet Service Providers have not prepared for this change. This impact can be avoided by enabling the appropriate system security extensions for the safety of all users.

Internet users may face some difficulties while accessing the web pages or making any online transaction.

What Is The Actual Meaning For This Shutdown?

In recent years, global internet shutdown has become too familiar for users in a number of countries. Shutdown most often happens in any country when public safety and stability are under threat. For example, armed conflicts, security operations, protest, and political crises. But in such cases where safety is a major concern, network shutdown impacts the users’ access to information and communication services at a time when they are most in need. These internet shutdowns are related to social stability but if we dig deep down we will experience there is a need of safety of internet communication also. In current time, we are facing so many cases of cybercrime and other complex digital safety policies breach, so tackle these kinds of global problems we required to update our internet system from time to time.


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