Get To Know More About Shakira First Husband

Shakira, one of the famous Columbian artist as well as activist is known to all. Along with her professional life, there are numerous hidden treasures in association with her. Yes, it is about her family life which has remained a secret. Shakira first husband Antonio was in date with her for above 11years. Though it did not last for long, the end was something highly favorable. Their scandalous relationship became transparent to all after the breakup. Shakira ex husband served to be her lawyer. It is surprising to note that Antonio filed a hefty lawsuit of $100 million against the famous singer Shakira.

Shakira And Husband Wedding – A Grand Success

At present, Shakira is shacking up with the world famous cocker player Gerard Pique. She met her in 2010 in South Africa. Despite a long term age difference, the newlywed couple seems to be waxing stronger with each other. At present Shakira is leading a happy family life with Shakira husband and baby. The Shakira and husband wedding second time really was a great success. Their two adorable kids must not be missed as they are really very cute. Shakira did not lose hope after the Shakira ex husband filed a case. As the marriage got established successfully, nothing can change them.

Shakira – Received A Platform To Express Her Feelings

After successful launching of her website, Shakira received a platform to express her heart felt feelings about married life openly to all. You must go through Shakira biography husband to get to know about the age along with special characteristics that made him famous. The Shakira husband age serves to be a great source of inspiration. Both children were welcomed in this beautiful world in 2015 in Spain. Reading about personal lives of celebrities is really an interesting task. Isn’t it?


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