Fitness: How to Turn Brazilian Funky into a Cardio Exercise


Jesica Cirio shares a dynamic and easy-to-follow choreography. Together with Emerson Ferreira and Malvina Abellon, it shows how step by step “Tumbalatum”, the Brazilian song of the moment

The hot days come and many people are looking for a fitness routine to model the figure. The simplest and most economical way to achieve this is through dancing.

Performing the choreography of a song at high intensity can help burn between 600 and 800 calories. Another great advantage is that there is no age limit or previous knowledge that you must have to train with this system. The only requirement is to be consistent and maintain activity at least three times per week between 30 and 60 minutes per session.
Follow in Infobae with a training guide that you can incorporate today.

Feeling healthy and fit will always bring you health and well-being!

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