Facts You Didn’t Know About Melania Trump: The First Lady

With the news surrounding anything and everything that they know about President Trump, from his affairs to his feuds with everyone, it comes as a shock to us that we don’t really know much about the interesting wife of Donald Trump, the successful model Melania Trump. There have been many articles about Melania Trump age and height but apart from that, we know absolutely nothing about eh former model.

Uncovering the Facts About Melania Trump

Well, that and another thing that she attempted and failed miserably to give an inspiring speed at the Republican National Convention. She even plagiarized the speech of the Former First Lady, Michelle Obama. Well, that certainly tells us something, right?

However, we are here to bare some interesting facts about the now-wife of Donald Trump, Melania Trump. Compose yourself people as these facts might be shocking.

She Is The President’s Third Wife

The President is simply a man of the ladies, we suppose as Melania Trump is the third wife of President Trump. Before tying the knot with Melania in 1998 and becoming the father of her child Barron, he was married to two other personalities before that. His first two wives were Ivana Zelnickova and Marla Maples both of whom left him for his philandering ways. Well, we hope Melanie sticks around.

She Didn’t Give Trump Her Number

Now, that’s shocking, for sure. It has been confirmed by the model herself that when Donald Trump asked for her number at a party, she actually refused to give it to him. She actually wanted to see how serious he was. Well, Donald Trump certainly surprised her when he gave her all of his different numbers. But it is still a bit hard to believe that Donald Trump got refused for a number. Imagine the sight of that!!

Hilary Clinton Attended Their Wedding

No matter how tough heir campaigns were against each other, Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump were the most polite when they greeted each other. It was seen when Bill Clinton and Hilary Clinton were some of the first people to attend the wedding of Melania and Donald Trump. The bride had Hilary Clinton as her guest. Now that is certainly something right?

She Speaks About Five Languages

She had her childhood in Yugoslavia and apparently can speak five different languages ranging from Slovian to French and German. English and Serbian are the other to languages that she can speak. The power of her over the languages comes really handy during the events and the functions of the White House. However, her think accent prohibits her from speaking too much during the speeches in public.

She Has Got A Half-Brother Who Was Kept A Secret

This is one of the facts that most people don’t even know about her. Julia Loffe, while making a report on Melania Trump for her interview with GQ, found something that was interesting and startling as well. Her father apparently had a son before he got married to the mother of Melania. You know what that means, right? She has got a half-brother. What?

So, these are some of the most interesting facts about Melania Trump. I hope I was a fresh break from the different articles about Melania Trump age and height.  

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