About Us

Elon Cleanings & Cleaning Services Pvt Ltd was incorporated as an organization in 1998, but prior to this, the founder, Mr Ng Gek Kow had been a sole-proprietor since 1988. Thus, Elon Cleanings had been serving the cleaning industry for more than 30years. We have acquired vast experience in serving the commercial, residential and industrial estates where we were awarded many accolades and achievements such as ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, Clean Mark Silver Award and BizSafe Star. In addition, Building and Construction Authority (BCA) graded us L5 in Housekeeping, Cleansing, Desilting & Conservancy Service.

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From Residential Buildings to Industrial parks, We offer a wide variety of cleaning services from small sites to big ones, whether commercial, office buildings, residential buildings or leisure and entertainment complexes cleaning, coupled with differing standards and demands from each client, we pride ourselves in achieving our goal of customer satisfaction. These are backed by many accolades and achievements that we have attained throughout the years such as Clean Mark Silver Award, BizSafe Star, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

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In our In-house Trainings, we provide our Employees to learn from a variety of skill sets such as learning how to have effective communication with residents, clients or even other employees. Other trainings also include how to have an approach on cleaning designated areas/hard to clean areas to be more effective and efficient. Most theory trainings focus on client relationship while the practical courses will train the employees under WSH workplace safety where they will learn about workplace safety procedures, Dangers and issues/faults while working.

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I would like to compliment the excellent performance of  the Cleaning Supervisor stationed at Bellewoods.
I am one of the MC members and on several occasions, I witnessed that the Supervisor worked relentlessly and even came back at night to clear rubbish chute bins in order to ensure that they are not filthy and full. Two nights ago, The Supervisor came back at almost 9pm, he worked alone and cleared those trash left behind due to the lunar 7th month prayer.
I hope that the management will recognise such diligent worker and we are indeed blessed to have him with us.

One Jervois

We would like to express our appreciation to Cleaning Supervisor on site. He is helpful and did more than he is required to do so, we really appreciate his thoughtfulness.
Once again, we would like to thank him for his efforts and dedication at work.

Commonwealth Towers

Wanted to send this message to compliment the good upkeeping of the gym since we change Cleaners. Equipments are properly cleaned, the gym room does not have the bad sweaty smell anymore and feels refreshing when we step in.
Kudos to the cleaner.

Ardmore II

I am writing to give a long overdue commendation for Supervisor. His performance has been exemplary throughout the 6 years with us. He has taken on challenges, big or small and even gone the extra mile to carry out duties or assignment as tasked without any hesitation.
I would also like to commend the cleaner. She is probably the best female cleaner I have ever worked with. A very hardworking and meticulous worker. Someone who takes ownership.
I believe both of them are real assets to your company. Such commendable employees are rare indeed.

Nathan Suites Condominium

I would like to recommend the Supervisor and Cleaner for good work.
They are very honest, hardworking, greets customers with a smile and most important their team work is fantastic.
Both of them would be a tremendous to your company and has my highest recommendation


As mentioned in the last meeting, our Block cleaner has received the resident’s compliment and as well as the Management.
We would like to take this opportunity to share our feedback regards to his performance in Riversound. We understand that he has certain disabilities and even though he was slower than any of the normal cleaners. To our observations, he is a responsible cleaner who does his works accordingly. He will ensure that he does his works properly, neatly and clean despite being slow.
We recognized his hard work and would like to thanks to him accordingly.

One Amber

We together with the MCST Council, would like to extend our deepest appreciation to your staff who has done a wonderful job as a stand-in Supervisor.
His work rate is commendable. Besides, we have observed that he works well with his team as well as all the MCST staff.
He is definitely one of the staff from Elon Cleanings we would want to keep here at One Amber permanently.

Orchard Scotts

Couldn’t agree more with my GM. Cleaning team has done a good job so far.