Everyone who relates to entertainment world must awareof the one of the biggest celebrity figure Ellen DeGeneres. She isconquering the hearts of the millions with a lovable mix of humor andcompassion. Many of knowing her as a comical host of the widelysuccessful The Ellen Show which entertains us throughout the weekwith the interviews of stars, games and competitions and funny activities.

Well just before the show began, she made a name for herself as comedian and actress in the early 1980s. As her comedy career took off, she appeared on some of the most notable talk shows of the time. 

The new special show called Ellen DeGeneres:Relatable will telecast on December 18 on Netflix and based on the trailer,it will show you a new side of the star. It’s been more than 15 years since DeGeneres performed stand-up, so DeGeneres was not exactly returning to the stage as Ellen DeGeneres standup comedian artist. She chose theNetflix platform for performing her standup comedy skills. By the way, Netflixis gaining more viewers after launching this comeback show.

Why is she such a hero?

Ellen has used her fame as a platform to encourage human compassion and support the worthy causes of many charities, organization and individuals on her famous talk show. As well as interviewing one of the hottest celebrities and providing funny and hilarious entertainment through her iconic games and engaging competitions. She is famous for her charity events as well other notable work for society. The audience sees her as a hero for all her good deeds like fighting for the LGBTQ rights on various public platforms and giving them open support.

Her new entry on Netflix as comedy roots as standup artist! 

Ellen DeGeneres is returning to her stand-up comedy roots in her new special for Netflix. The show will be telecasted on December 18 on the streaming platform and marks DeGeneres’s first standup comedy special since 2003.

In the trailer of this Netflix show, she discusses how her life has changed so much in the last decade and half that relatable might be hard for her. The upcoming show also marks the 60 years old talk show host’s return to stand up after 15 years.

In the year 1997, during the fourth season of her sitcom, Ellen and her character famously came out as a lesbian with The Puppy Episode. The episode earned record ratings at that time, as well as an Emmy and a Peabody Award.

Talking about the trailer of this upcoming show she said “I lost my sitcom when I came out and it took three years to get back on television. There was this one station manager that said No one is going to watch a lesbian during the day and I replied, well, they weren’t watching me at night. What time of day is good for the lesbian?

DeGeneres also talked about on emotional support for animals, her inability to be unkind and the concern that she may no longer be relatable to a regular audience. 

Ellen married Portia de Rossi in 2008. The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which premiered in 2003, is now in its 16 seasons.

Let’s talk about her new show

Stand up comedy and kindness don’t necessarily go together. So often comedians who perform that craft use people’s mindless behavior for punchlines, and insult comedy is an entire genre of stand up. And it can easily get mean if you are criticizing people, even when it’s funny. In the trailer for her special, DeGeneres played with that format with a funny joke about people’s over-use of emotional supports animals. She joked that on planes, people going to this eat at 10B look like they are boarding Noah’s Arc-which is funny- but the real punchline came afterward when again she poked fun at her own fame. “I say 10B, does a plane go back that for? I never go back there”

She announced her Netflix special on her talk show season 16 premiere back in September and she told the audience, I just suddenly was like I miss stand-up I want to do it” It seems like performing in front of an audience a without a guest comes just as naturally to DeGeneres as sitting down on her show with everyone’s most favorite celebrities.


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