Dos and Don’ts for Diabetics That Must Be Followed on Rakhi!

Indian festivals have been synonyms to the delectable sweets from the time immemorial, and we will step in the month of August, we will again be celebrating one of the most awaited festivals of siblings i.e. Raksha Bandhan. Like every other festival, this one is also marked by delish confectioneries ranging from Gujiya for Holi to Payasam for Onam. But the one thing that is needed to be taken care of is the sugar level of a diabetic person. If you have a diabetic brother who is dwelling in Canada, then there are many ways by which you can express your heart to him by skipping sweets. The foremost thing that is the need of the hour is Rakhi. From online Rakhi stores, you can send Rakhi online to Canada with free shipping without harming your budget.

As the festive mode has begun, you will witness many confectionery shops loaded with the arrays and stacks of sweets beautifully and colorfully wrapped and ready to be sent as gifts to the loved ones. Be it a small round and tasty Gulab Jamun or Delicious and mouth-watering Kaju Roll, it is hard to cut off from these quintessential delicacies. But one thing that can make you bid farewell to your tasty and yummy desserts and sweets is your diabetes. Researches have confirmed that the country of festivals is slowly getting converted into the “diabetes capital” which is worst and dangerous. Due to this, many individuals who are suffering from diabetes have put-off the joy of festivals due to the hassle of taking injections and shots of Insulin.

If you also know someone who is suffering from diabetes or if you are suffering from diabetes, then there is no need to fade the charm of the festival, as suffering from the problem of diabetes does not mean at all that you have to give up on sweets permanently. The need is to take some preventive measures that can reduce the risk of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia.

To make your Raksha Bandhan a joyful and healthful one, some of the Dos and Don’ts are listed below that need to follow so that you can enjoy the festival as a normal healthy happy go person.

Eat clean; eat healthily

The first and foremost thing that should be taken care of very seriously is the food habits. The diet should be very proper and particular loaded with fibers like fruits and vegetables. In the case of craving for something sweet, homemade fruit cakes are best to go with.

Doctor’s order at topmost priority

Never skip any medicinal routine that is prescribed by the doctors. To control the blood sugar level, take small meals. Don’t use ghee or milk products while preparing sweets at home. Also, avoid sugar completely. Instead of this use jaggery or dates that are natural sweeteners.

Nuts at the rescue for hunger

In the case of having a snack attack, eat walnuts, cashews, and hazelnuts but one thing that is not allowed is peanuts. Avoid foods that are high in calories like fried items. Eat light and healthy.

Stay active; stay hydrated

Drink plenty of water to be hydrated and active on the day of the festival or occasion. Don’t skip any meal throughout the day. Eat on regular intervals which will keep your sugar level balanced.

Choose wisely

Choose your diet very precisely. Cut all the items that contain carbs. This will leave a room for the favorite desserts. But one thing that is needed to take care of in that doesn’t overdo it. Know your limits when it comes to sweets.

Party accordingly

If you are visiting your friend for a night out, then it is better to add take some low carb food in your meal before so that sugary drinks and fried food don’t bother you much.

Sugar free sweets: Best to go for Rakhi celebration

Raksha Bandhan is swinging around and with this, the craving for sweets is also popping out. To reduce the risk there is no need to cut off the sweets permanently. Sugar free sweets are there to make the festival special.

With these little cautions, you can add some more goodness and fewer worries in the Rakhi celebration. You can also suggest these tips to your diabetic brother and can make him spend his festive weekend happily. If you are looking for a Rakhi gift to send to your brother on Raksha Bandhan, then Sugar free sweets are the perfect option for you to go with. is offering a wide range of Rakhi with sugar free sweets combo from which you can make choices and can send Rakhi online paired with some thoughtful gifts and can have a bang on Raksha Bandhan.


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