Different Wool Knit Patterns For This Fall

I hope you liked our article “5 Ways to Add Feathers in your Fall Wardrobe“. Now, here I come to make you go out more comfort that keeps you warmer with different wool knit patterns for this fall season.

Remember, grandma, working with knitting needles and yarn of wool?

Designer Alberta Ferretti jumbled up the daily wear jumpers with argyle pattern to keep you cosy and warmer.

Designer Jean Charles and Christopher Kane experimented with cardigans to groom your look in a more attractive way.

Is it still not enough and want to add different styles of ‘Knits’ to your collection. Let me help you with different wool knit patterns you may want to follow this season.

Sequined Squares Knit

Who doesn’t like squares in their dresses? Let your knitted sweaters take a fancy and cute turn with the beautiful colour combination that have boundaries with alternate square colour.

Let your style sway with cowboy knee-length boots and fur jackets.

square knit pattern in different wool knit pattern
Sequence Square Knit

If you don’t want to carry jackets then let your sweater be oversized and wear denim at your bottoms along with ankle-length shoes. Don’t worry, you can wear flats, heels are no way necessary.

Bengal Striped Ruffles

Give your sweaters some Indian touch with Bengal ruffle strip design. Well, the design simply shows off the print of Bengal Tigers so the usual combo of the design is red and the black.

Let your sweater make you look Tiger

Tropical Yarn design

Tropical yarns are designed with bamboo fibre and the acrylics to add elasticity to the yarn.

tropical yarn design for different wool knit patterns
Cosy design for your sweaters

Bamboo fibre makes it warmer and more comfortable for many fall products like shawls, socks, caps etc.

Virgin Wool Knit

Let it show off how it came and never been used before. This wool keeps your sweater breathable, strong, resilient and wrinkle-free.

different wool knit pattern for virgin wool
Virgin Wool Sweater

Carry this pattern with an oversized sweater with your warm leather jeans and sneakers on your foot.

Striated Wool Knit Design

Remember that 3d print on sweaters? The striated wool design is your answer.

The wool fades in different colours of the yarn making it flexible to take care and drape.

Striated wool knit design for different wool knit pattern
Striated wool Design Sweater

Wear this sweater with your normal denim and pumps.

Gauge Knit

Gauge is the count of the knits to be made for a sweater, used in both hand and machine knitting.

Machine Gauge Knitted Sweater for fall

The sweaters that you can get in these designs are very fitted and usually carried with a cardigan and high ankle boots.

Crochet Knit

These knits are getting all the way back into the trends. Check out our spring-summer collection for 2020.

Don’t dominate the style in winters. Carry it with sway and show off the style with the warmer feel.

wool knitted crochet dress
Warm Crochet Sweaters for Winters

Design your own wool crochet dress and reach out the crochet makers near you. Wear it with the most complimenting footwear.

Cable Knit

Cable knit, ever noticed chain design on your old sweaters?

You can also call it a chain design. Wear it with trousers and jackets to look cooler.

Abstract Knit

Do you also have a love for the abstract and like to wear them the way I do?

Abstract knit designs allow you to be creative with the look you wanna carry.

Style it the way you want. This design compliments all.

Hushh! I never imagined the knitting that grandma used to do, had so much variety to keep us trendy and warm both at the same time.

Which knit style do you like the most? Let us know below, also shoutout your knowledge these different styles of knitting with your friends by giving us a like and share.


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