Did Nina really Die in The Americans TV Show ?

Let’s Face it. Nina Dies and right after that, it’s the anger of the Americans which came out all of the sudden. Yes, Nina Sergeevna Krilova was the sole performer of the TV Show,” The Americans”. But, that’s how the TV script goes like.

what is Recent Study

On the basis of one study by Caroline Framke right at the Vox, he found something interesting. Nearly 236 of the TV characters were taken off the Television in the year 2015-2016 seasons. Well, it is true that death on the TV serials is pretty much shocking. It leaves millions of the hearts broken and people do feel much awkward. Hence, there is no one to blame in the real context. Every writer, producers, and actors are just doing their job and it is just a TV series.

A Little More To The Story

Yes, one of the most heartbreaking scenes was of Nina Sergeevna’s Death , without any doubt. In the Americans, when someone pulled out the trigger, it was the last time people saw Nina. She met her fate in the depths of the Soviet prison. The scene was much more ignominious on its own as it left people stunned all over. On the part of Americans Nina, she had no time to prepare but in terms of television, it was done professionally. The TV series directors made the characters much more respectful and brought true essence to the story.

However, if you witness such a condition with a keen consideration, you will find some true depth of the things. Most TV actors/actress doesn’t die just as the Americans Nina actress died in vain. Just for the sake of some severe shock value, she was meant to meet her fate.

What Is The Final Take On The Sudden Death Of Nina?

Well, every TV character has a certain amount of life expectancy and so did Nina. No doubt, she played her role quite brilliantly which made her a global star among the Americans. But, now as she has died, it’s time for her to take better roles in other TV Serials. All of us know the power of growth. And that’s what she must be craving for as a lady of true will and ambition.

The Reaction Of The Fans On The Death Of Nina

Fans were in full protest after Nina in the Americans died in the TV series. Relentlessly, they were saying that such a thing will drop down the TRP of this show. But, still, there are much more things in this show which will make it go lifelong.

If we talk about Nina, she was surely a major victim of the Cold war. She would have died much more early or even at any point in time. Still, the TV serials made him alive in most of the cases.

Right after the death of Nina, her lover which is from Russia doubts about his commitment to such cause. However, the things truly went according to the plan and there was nothing to be afraid for, said the TV officials.


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