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Sod Installation

Lawn Installation and Replacement

Do you have a lawn that has lost its luster? Want instant appeal? Then sod installation might be for you.

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Though installing a lawn may seem straightforward, there are number of processes involved and special equipment needed to make sure the project gets done right the first time. That is why we are here to help you with frustration-free installations.

Using fresh sod is the most common option people choose when trying to decide how to have their new lawn installed. It has the benefit of instant appeal, the initial watering and maintenance to get it established is much easier then seeding, and it has a tight root system so few weeds grow into it.

Below are a few of the lawns we have replaced:

lawn installation 1
lawn installation 2
lawn installation 3
lawn installation 4
lawn installation 5
lawn installation 6
lawn installation 7
lawn installation 8r
lawn installation 9
lawn installation 10
lawn installation 11
lawn installation 12
lawn installation 13
lawn installation 14
lawn installation 15
lawn installation 16
lawn installation 17
lawn installation 18
lawn installation 19

Typical process is as follows:

• Pre-treat existing lawn 1-2 weeks before the project to kill off old lawn and weeds
• Use a sod cutter to remove old lawn and haul away
• Till existing soil to a depth of 6-8 inches to allow ease of establishment of new lawn roots
• Till in compost and blended soil amendments to increase overall drainage and soil value
• Rake out and smooth surface following existing site grades
• Lightly firm surface with a water filled roller
• Lay fresh cut sod and roll after to ensure sod to soil contact
• Fertilize with an all-natural fertilizer and water in

Most average sized sod replacement projects can be completed in one day for minimal disruption.

Please contact us today. We would love to help you have a beautiful lawn!

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