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Frequently Ask Questions

Congratulations on considering Desire Lawns Maintenance for your lawn and landscaping needs. Below you will find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions about our basic services. If there is something we have not covered, or you have another specific question, please let us know. We are always looking for ways to improve our service.

A: Basic services cover weekly mowing of all lawn areas and edging of the lawn areas every other week. All hard surfaces will be blown free of debris each visit

A: No, our crews are instructed to mow or work around anything in the lawns, as it is your responsibility to remove such things prior to any visit. The most commonly placed items in yards that we will need to work around (if not moved) are patio tables and chairs, temporary children's play structures, temporary wading pools, BBQ's, etc.

Although we use the utmost care when working at each property, accidents may happen which is why we tell the service techs to work around any items. Our service techs are happy to move a few small items, such as a garden hose left out while watering, or a few children's toys that may have been left out, but we generally ask that this not become a common occurrence and we greatly appreciate the yards being cleared before our crews arrive.

A: Blowing off hard surfaces includes any walkway, driveway, porch, patio, etc. It does not include basement stair wells where material can not be blown out effectively or decks that are above grade with staircases.

A: No, blowing and collecting debris out of any bed area is not included. This is only included for full service clients.

A: We work year-round in any condition (except snow or freezing rain) during certain times of year. During a dry summer, for example, we ask that you close your windows on your service day and talk to your neighbors so they can also close their windows. This will help minimize the amount of dust and debris getting into your homes.

Blowing and raking are necessary for any service and this does create dust, so it's good to let everyone know so we are all on the same page. During the winter and rainy months, some mud splatters may occur to the side of a house. While our service techs do their very best to limit this as much as possible, it does happen. We just ask for your patience as we do everything we can to ensure the work is getting done to the best of our ability.

A: Bed weed control means that we keep the beds as weed free as we can during regular visits. This does not include cleaning out any other debris from beds. Weeds will grow between visits, but during visits spot-spraying and/or hand-pulling methods will be used to keep them to a minimum.

A: No, but we can provide these services individually. Please email the office for pricing on your specific property.

A: Our basic services do not specifically include leaf clean up. We will get what we can off the lawn when we mow but if there is a large amount that our mowers cannot pick up effectively, then we will need to clean them up prior to mowing and you will be charged for the time spent removing them from the lawn areas.

We do not blow out or clean up bed areas or assess any charges for this unless we are specifically asked to do so. Please contact us for details on how this works if you are interested in adding leaf cleanup service.

A: We accept checks and we also accept credit card payments via our website. We use a secure processing service called Bluepay for credit card transactions. Please email or call the office if you need any assistance or have any questions regarding the use of credit cards.

A: Payments are due 20 days after the invoice date.

A: There is a $25 late fee applied to your invoice after 60 days. If it goes out to 90 days you are automatically turned over to collections.

A: Invoices typically go out around the 1st of the month following any work we have done. If you would like to go paperless, let the office know your email address and we will be sure you are switched over.

A: Yes, we ask that all pet waste is cleaned up from any lawn or bed areas we work in. We want to provide a positive, clean service for you and when there is waste in the lawn and/or bed areas, it can get onto our mower wheels and onto the shoes of our crew (which in turn gets into our trailers and truck cabs, and also can be tracked across patios or sidewalks while walking or pushing mowers). This is an unpleasant experience for everyone, so we kindly ask for your assistance in doing your best to clear these areas prior to us arriving for service.

A: No, we don’t specifically offer trash clean up. Many times our techs may grab a loose piece of litter or soda can and place it in your receptacles as a courtesy, but we are unable to take any non-yard debris with us. We take our yard waste to recycling facilities that compost the material into usable soil products. Because of this, we cannot allow any non bio-degradable products into our trucks or we face fines/charges at the facility for "dirty loads."

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