Custom Made Wedding Card Boxes For Making The Event More Memorable

A little effort goes a long way, especially when it comes to the artsy part of things! A wedding card box can be just a basic box placed in a corner to collect messages and gifts from your guests but with a little creativity, you can transform a basic wedding card box into something memorable and a keepsake item to cherish. Wedding card boxes are a major theme in events like that and trends are settling into the more Victorian appeal of things. Opt for a rustic wooden box or even a beautiful clear glass container; there is so much you can do with it!

The Special Feeling:

A wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and everything counts, even a wedding card box. They say that God is in the details and a wedding is a perfect time to raise that notion a notch higher by creating intensely detailed wedding card boxes that are bound to make everyone fall in awe, mesmerized with the theme of the party and going back home with a beautiful memory.

Be it the Cinderella kind of fairy-tale wedding or a vintage theme; there is no limit to designing a wedding card box. The clear-mirrored wedding card boxes are gaining momentum in the market like never before. The glassy effect of it is enough to transform the entire look of a reception desk and has the appeal to switch on the mood of anyone walking in within a matter of seconds! Another favorite is the vintage cage styled boxes that give away that most sought-after Victorian appeal. It is beautiful, cheap and durable and can be taken back home as a souvenir.

Incorporating the Theme:

Weddings are a special day and believe it or not; the theme is just as important as the bride’s gown. Incorporating the wedding theme into the wedding card box is a must. There is a whole realm of wedding themes that a wedding card box can entail. You won’t believe that even suitcases and boy bands have been a theme at weddings. Explore your horizons! There is so much more in the world of weddings than just flowers and lace. A brand can opt for the Baroque effect and have a luxurious velvet case with gold borders and a neat finish.

This is bound to take preference over anything. Gold translates luxury, and that is always a winner at weddings. Another must-have idea is the fishbowl idea. A fishbowl can be decorated far too easily, and a brand can sell the bowl off with some clear pearls inside it. It can even give it away with some fragrant poo pourri and tiny LED firefly bulbs. This has got to be a winner, but even a jeweled fish bowl will do the trick. With weddings, it is all about the balance between glamour and simplicity. There is no accounting for taste, but the trend in themes speak more on the minimalist side. To play it on the safer side of things, a brand needs to cater a maximum number of tastes and themes, but there are a few popular themes that need to be mastered at all, times when it comes to wedding card boxes. To name a few, we can begin with the contemporary modern art theme that finds its sweet spot between the clean glass and a little bit of rustic wooden frames. Another safer option to go forward with is the vintage effect. The kind that has a little music playing when you open it is always a personal favorite. You can never wring with those two,


Since weddings are a personal event, a little personalization is a must. There should always be a personalization option for everything associated with weddings, from card boxes to tableware. A wedding card box is something that is almost always placed at the entrance of the venue so the names of the bride and groom must be incorporated along with a personal message. Don’t forget the creativity aspect of it. Something three-dimensional will always be a winner. The names can be imprinted on the card box and even incorporated with an accessory of some sort.

Gold and metallic are all the rage right now. Some deep quote scribbled across in beautiful cursive writing is bound to be a winner. A brand can even incorporate the couple’s engagement photo onto the card box. The fading effect adds a beautiful touch of something surreal. Shadow effects on the picture will give away the “together forever” feeling which something to die for is.

A Little Charm Goes a Long Way

It is all about giving away a surreal aura to the guests and the customers. There are countless ways of incorporating some surrealism into the wedding card box. The box can contain a set of charms and accessories to decorate the entire spot for the guests to put their envelopes into. A dancing fairy music box accompanied inside the package is going to add that mesmerizing effect. Accessories can even include some twinkling lights or candles that can transform the mood altogether.

Something fragrant and floral is always a charm. Three-dimensional flower bunches will not only give the decor an added touch of atmosphere but will also be sufficient to decorate the reception desk. This idea of giving away a whole package of goods with the card box is bound to be a winner. Something like a matching tablecloth can change the whole game. Satin and lace is a theme loved and cherished at weddings since ages and the best way to incorporate these two things without giving away that tacky feel is by having the reception table dressed with those two fabrics.

Lighting is also something that will make your product stand out. Some twinkle light bunches given away with the card box will not only give away that value for money feel to the buyer but will also satisfy the visual aspect of things. All said and done; the brand has to keep in mind it stays cost effective with its creative ideas. The range should be sold profitably and since a wedding box card is a keepsake item, a brand ha to make sure it does not compromise the quality of its product. Brands need to find a good balance between cost-effectiveness and quality. It will, however, be more effective if the brand decides on spending more on the raw material that goes into creating a box than onto the design aspect of things. Let the customization do the rest.


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