Corinne Remande – Women Explains How She Felt When Her Eyes Explode

Corinne Remande - Explains How She Felt When Her Eyes Explode.

There is always the chance that the golfer can hit a misdirected ball into a bystander, during the tournaments of golf. When the ball has hit a crowd member without harm, there have been a plenty of occasions or with only a bruise to show for it. On the opening of the Ryder Cup, one spectator was hit by a shot taken by a golfer. And that spectator is Corinne Remande. This tournament was held at Le Golf National Club in Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines.

What Happened With Corinne Remande At Le Golf National Club?

Corinne Remande

Corinne Remande is a woman who is 49 years old. She was with her husband Raphael to watch the showdown between Europe and the United States and has lost her eyesight at the Ryder Cup because of an unfortunate mishappening that occurred during the game. She had traveled from Egypt to attend the tournament in Paris. Last Friday she got hit on the face by a golf ball outside the Paris, France. She told that the doctors revealed her eyeball had exploded after she was struck. She said that when she was hit, it happened so fast that she did not got any time to react or defend herself. After she got struck with the ball, she did not feel any pain initially. She did not feel like the ball had struck her eye and then she felt the blood is starting to pour.

She was hit by American Golfer Brooks Koepka. And she said that he was heartbroken over the injury of the woman. He said that it is really upsetting because I hit the golf ball and due to this she lost the sight in her eye. Corinne does not blame Koepka, after hitting the ball, but she said that she will consider the legal action against the European organizers of the tournaments. And claims that since the incident they have not contacted her and did not provide any adequate warnings. She said that was not even the most humiliating part of her ordeal. She said that a thing that made her shocked and that was the spectator were taking her pictures instead of helping her or calling someone for help.

A Legal Case Against Organizers

A Legal Case Against Organizers

After the tournament, the things did not get much better. This kind of incident is extremely rare. Corinne had some things to say about Koepka which was very nice because he was the one who quickly walked over after hitting to see if she was OK or not. She said that the moment when the doctor told her that she had lost the use of that eye was the worst moment ever for me. She said that when the ball was heading towards the crowd there was no warning shout from the course official.

On Tuesday, she is set to consult a lawyer with a view to seeking damages. She said that to make sure there is no risk of infection, more than anything she wants them to take care of all her medical bills. Before being transferred to an eye specialist hospital in Paris, she received first aid on the spot. Because the doctors advised her not to fly immediately back to Egypt, she was driven to her parents’ home which is located in Lyon. The scan on her eye revealed that there is a fracture on her right socket and expansion of the eyeball.

Golfer Brooks Koepka Gets Heartbroken

Golfer Brooks Koepka

Golfer Brooks Koepka, who played this unfortunate shot has become extremely low after this mishappening. He said that he is “heartbroken” after this incident and feel really sad for the women who lost her eyesight because of his shot. He told the reporters that – “I hit the ball and it is very upsetting, just because I hit the ball and someone lost the eyesight. If you break down the feeling, you will realize that how bad it is.”

Some of the spectators revealed that the ball speed was so fast that it could have killed her if the ball direction was little different. The ball was traveling at a speed of more than 100 MPH. Some of the organizers acclaimed that accidents do occur on the field but this kind of mishappening was rare and they were shocked to see the damage done to the fan of the sport.


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