Compliment letter template – Format, Sample, and Example

    Whenever anyone does a good job it is a good practice to appreciate him or her as it motivates the person to do more good work. In the professional world whenever an employee does good work he/she is often appreciated with a compliment letter. In personal life also whenever anyone does anything praiseworthy in life it is very essential to appreciate him. Remember behind every great work there is a motivation and it is absolutely true that whenever a person is motivated he can do a great thing. So we should always push a person to go ahead in life by motivating him. Hence, no matter whether it is personal or professional life complement letter is always required to appreciate someone who does any good work. Since in the corporate world compliment letter are considered to a good professional gesture it should always be written in a formal way. It is also important to maintain the proper complement letter format while you want to appreciate someone’s work or action by writing the complement letter. That is the reason why in this article we have come up with a standard compliment letter template which will help you to understand the way about how you will write a compliment letter to appreciate someone’s deeds.

    Template for writing a compliment letter        

    Just like any other business letter, compliment letter also has a standard template which is given as follows:


    <Recipient’s Name>
    <Recipient’s Address>,
    <Recipient’s Email ID>
    <Recipient’s Contact No.>

    Date: Date of the day when you will send the letter 


    <Sender’s Name>
    <Sender’s Address>,
    <Sender’s Phone No>

    Sub: Compliment letter

    Dear Mr. <Recipient’s Last Name or First Name>,

    I am very pleased to know that you have been promoted to the Area Sales Manager in your company. So I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest compliments to you on your grand success. It is your hard work and dedication that have ultimately given you the position which you deserved. We worked together for a long time and I always saw you take extra pain for achieving your targets and today I am really very happy for you when you got your deserving position.

    Employees like you are an asset to every company and I wish you all the best and I am sure that you will touch the greatest heights of success in your life. Kindly convey my regards to your family members. 

    <Sender’s Name>

    Things you need to remember while writing a compliment letter

    You may have written a collection of letters in your life but compliment letter has its own importance. Whenever you write a compliment letter you must remember the following essential things:

    • You must initiate the compliment letter by stating the name, address and contact details of the sender. After that, you must specify the date of the day when you will send the letter to the recipient. Finally, it is also required to give the detailed address of the sender so that the reader can come to know who is the person is who is complementing him or her.
    • While complimenting someone on his or her success it is very essential to be very sincere and genuine. You must not express your compliment in such a way that the readers think that you are doing a prank on his achievement or success.
    • You must express your tone in a polite manner. If you are writing a personal compliment letter then the tone of the compliment letter can be personal but you should be very sincere in the approach of your writing. While writing the compliment letter you should always mention his name properly and always try to state how valuable the person is. Always try to mention the reason why you are complementing the person and write the letter in such a way that the person whom you are complementing feels appreciated and special.  
    • Remember that a compliment letter is a kind of tangible proof of praise. As such it is very important to appreciate the person and expresses his quality in words. You should never forget to mention the quality of the person in the letter as it will motivate the person to better work in the future. Writing a compliment letter is the best way to motivate an employee and that is why it is important to genuinely compliment the effort the employee so that he can be motivated and gives his best in the future.  
    • Be careful that your compliment letter should not have any kind of grammatical or spelling errors as it can create a bad impact on the reader. That is the reason why it is always important to proofread the letter at least once after you complete writing. If possible give the letter to any of your near and dear one to read so that they can tell you how the target reader will feel by reading the letter. 


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