Cleansing water VS Cleanser – What’s the difference

If you are NOT into beauty and skincare, you will find that the concepts in skincare are quite confusing to the core. In fact, it gets even more perplexing with a huge number of products made available to you. One of the most challenging questions that you would probably come across in this situation is to understand the difference between Cleansing water and cleansers.

So, how do they differ? Let us try to understand.

Cleansing Water vs Cleansers – What is the difference?
A Cleansing water is also referred to as Micellar water and primarily used for the purpose of cleaning the micelles or small mores that absorb the gunk such as makeup and other makeup related items. The cleansing water consists mostly of water and is used as a makeup remover as well. 

In fact, the cleansing water does come with the smaller particles that we just discussed – the micelles – and these particles attach themselves to the dirt, or oil on one side and water on the other side. That way, it would be efficient of wiping away the dirt while supplying enough water to your skin.

The regular cleansers too, are designed for the same purpose. However, there is a slight difference between the two. The normal cleansers remove the oil particles from your skin quite aggressively. The cleansing water tends to do it instead too gently, and that is precisely what would make it one of the best options for handling your skin smoothly enough.

The regular cleansers can even remove the natural oils from the skin, thereby making it much rough. This will remove the normal softness of the skin to a greater extent. A cleansing water composition, on the other hand, is almost equivalent to the natural composition of your skin.

Yet another different between a cleanser and cleansing water lies in the fact that the regular cleansers do not hydrate your skin. The cleansing water, on the other hand, extremely gentle on your skin, and it provides you access to a truly sensitive skin. That way, a cleansing water formulation would be a practical option for those of you who have a sensitive skin.

When should you use them? Do you need to use them together? Well, not exactly. Cleansing water formulation can be one of the excellent options in the long run for helping you out with your regular skin cleaning regime. However, which among a cleanser and cleansing water should you go with? The choice is dependent upon your skin type.

Dry skin would need gel cleansers, while the foaming cleansers would be one of the great options for your needs if you have an oily skin. However, the cleansing water can be your best option for almost every skin condition and should ideally be used throughout the year.

Well, that should have provided you with an insight into whether you need to go with a cleanser or cleansing water formula. Either of them have their own advantages and which one you want to go with will be dependent on your skin type and what issues you are attempting to address.


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