Chicago Gun Violence | Shootout at Chicago Hospital – 4 Died


The violence and crime rates have been lesser this year in Chicago, but the incidents of violence have increased in the past few months. Chicago is the 3rd largest city of America with a population of around 2.7 million people and it is quite a difficult task for the Police department to control the crime rates there. In recent times, three acts of violence have occurred in Chicago and one of them happened just 2 days ago in the afternoon (Monday, 19th Nov). Chicago Gun Violence.

Shootout At Mercy Hospital | 4 died Including A Policeman

A shootout took place in a hospital in the Chicago in which four people died. Mayor Rahm Emanuel told that the dead included two women staff, one police officer and one assailant. Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said that the gunman came with the intention of targeting his girlfriend, Dr. Tamara O’Neal, but they did not know why he wanted to kill her. The police officer who died in this attack has been identified as Samuel Gimenez.

The reports say that firing took place between the shooter and Dr. Tamara O’Neal. She got shot and fell on the ground, and the shooter came and shot her 3 more times. In between, the police force came and the shooter ran inside the hospital and started shooting randomly. In this act, one bullet killed a woman named Dayna Less, a pharmacist, who was deboarding the escalators.

Chicago Gun Voilence Victims

This incident took place at Mercury Hospital in Chicago at around 3 O’clock in the afternoon. A police spokesman said that the attacker first fired bullets in the car parking of the hospital, later he reached inside the hospital and fired fiercely there too. The Policeman also told that many were injured in this firing incident too but their figures have not been traced yet.

A police spokesman said that the assailant was found dead after the shootout between the gunman and the police, but it is not clear whether the attacker died of a police bullet or he committed suicide.

The gunman named Juan Lopez was in a relationship with Dr. Tamara and got engaged as well but recently she broke off her engagement with him. So, it could be an act of a revenge with Dr. Tamara but the true reason behind this assassination is still not clear. Chicago Gun Violence.

Dr. Tamara O’Neal | An Emergency Room Doctor

Dr. Tamara, a 38-year old woman, working as an Emergency Room Doctor in the Mercy Hospital for past several months. She was considered to be a fragile care specialist who took care of serious and hazardous health conditions like heart attack, bullet injuries, shock, drug overdose, internal bleedings and etc.


This 38-year old woman was very dedicated to her work and church. She used to raise funds for disabled or differently abled children and led the choir of her church. The doctor was recently graduated from the University Of Illinois College Of Medicine (Chicago, USA) in 2016. All these lines were said by Petrick Connor, Director of Emergency Department in Mercy Hospital, in a Press Conference held on Monday night. The knowers of Dr. Tamara O’Neal are very sad after this incident. Chicago Gun Violence.

Let me tell you that some American medical professionals had participated in an online campaign in protest of gun violence a few days ago and now this incident took place just on this Monday.

Previous Chicago Gun Violence Incidents

In a previous incident, 44 people were shot within a span of 14 hours, of which five people died in this violence.

Previous Gun Violence

Fred Waler, Chief of Patrol Division (Chicago Police Department), said in a press conference that some acts were pre-planned in these violent incidents and were related to the gangsters in those areas. While some incidents were executed suddenly. He said that this matter is related to gang violence. According to the local media here, most of the incidents happened in the western part of the city. More than 25 people were shot in different incidents of violence. He said that to prevent gang activity in the city, the police is working with other law enforcement agencies to cope-up these violent incidents.

A couple of days ago of this incident, some American people of African descent protested against gun violence and the American Doctors and medical professionals had also protested this act of violence through an online campaign. So, this is unclear that this Gun-Violence at Mercy Hospital was just a revenge for betrayal in the relationship or a well-planned execution of Dr. Tamara O’Neal, who was one of the protestors.



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