Changes In Wedding Events Because Of Technologies

How do you define marriage? is the question asked in a quiz? Now just imagine the answers. It is the happiest occasion in a human’s life. The life turning event. Marriage is a bond, which brings not two individuals, but two families together. The quotes and answers can go on and on. But somewhere among the quotes, don’t you feel that it is a family gathering event, where all the age groups, right from kids to seniors celebrate? So, if it is such an occasion, then the event will have to follow the traditional marriage methods followed since the ancient ages. But of late, the traditional practices in any weddings have rarely undergone a change even though there are technological innovations happening in any industry. So, where have the changes happened? We will deal with this aspect in this article – Changes in Wedding Events Because of Technologies.


A wedding is not an easy affair. It consists of various components, right from caterers to music providers to facilitate the guests. And management of wedding events is a billion dollar market even in India. The changes have happened in the way bookings happen for the baraat, hiring the catering section and do you know that most of the hirings or selection of the professionals happen via the mobiles?

Okay, we will go into the details of the changes in wedding events. In the olden days, every ceremony in the process was done only by family elders and relatives. Now, change has occurred. Many Indian modern weddings are done by reputed wedding planners. Management of weddings has become a billion dollar profession. For family members, the wedding is a happy event. For wedding planners, it is a mere project which has to get completed successfully.

1. Changes In Wedding Events – Live Streaming of Events

It is not that every guest who is invited, make it to the D-day. Some seniors who reside in another State will not be able to make it due to mobility problems. There are also working professionals who have to go to other countries. To ensure that they do not miss the occasion, wedding planners and vendors are offering live streaming videos for weddings.

Many Indian weddings are yet to catch up with this trend,  but yes, it is slowly growing in popularity among the youth. And the way of delivering content has changed. Every professional in the video streaming industry thinks of new innovating ways to handle the content. In fact, they make the content more entertaining so that the family members who do not make it to the wedding are entertained seeing the event.

Benefits of Live Streaming

The wedding day calls for a celebration of all your family members. And when one does not make it to the D-Day venue, they are no doubt depressed. Event streaming makes them happy, and it works on both sides. They stay glued to the devices which show the video showing their love for your family elders. On the other side, by arranging for video streaming, you also ensure that they do not miss any of the celebration or fun events.

Live streaming does not cost you a bomb. For showing the best video, you just need a laptop with a camera and of course, yes you need to select the platform. The best used are Periscope and Facebook Live.


Please note, that you may face some challenges in the process if you are a beginner. If you are the groom or bride, ensure that you hire a person or get the best use of a family member who knows every aspect of live streaming. A week before the D-Day you can assume the number of persons, who can make it to your wedding. And if you are thinking to make use of live video streaming ensure that you give the responsibility to a talented person. Do not go around the town telling people, you have arranged for video streaming. If faced with challenges, in an unfortunate situation, you will have a little mood to rejoice on your D- Day.

2. Changes In Wedding Events – Videos

There was a time when the dance happened only outside the marriage hall. Usually, this used to happen only in the North Indian type of weddings. In South Indian weddings, there were no dance events. The trend has changed. In recent times, dance events in the marriage halls are common. And for the persons who have not attended the wedding or dance event, they can view it on youtube or other video channels on the internet.

Photographs can capture memories, but videos can help capture events. But remember, your wedding day is your D-day. It is a one-day where your entire life will change. So, you want to make the memories live forever. So, employ the services of a professional videographer for handling the camera.


It is not that you can share every video taken in the social media platforms. You can select the videos and then make a decision. Please note, if you want to save money and had the job done from a novice, then the pictures or videos may not be attractive. You can also not share them.


3. Changes In Wedding Events – Social Media Platforms

Prior to the wedding, you find the couple photos on Facebook accounts. After the wedding, you can find the videos of the wedding on Twitter with hashtags.

The above sentences give just two benefits that people use social media for weddings. In the olden days, brides and grooms used to cut images as well as articles from journals to get the best professionals for their weddings. Usually, in those days, booking a vendor was done three months before marriage.

But now, the trend has changed. Wedding blogs, websites, and portals have given the best to the new brides and grooms. They can read the online reviews, experiences and then do the selection.


4. Changes in Marriage Events – Finding Vendors via Social media

The internet helps you select the best vendor regarding a specific job for your wedding. Wedding planning has changed with the introduction of social media platforms. You can hunt for the best bridal dress on Pinterest.

Virtual Platforms – Selection of Wedding Event Professionals

In the olden days, even the food caterers were selected mainly from referrals or relatives. Now, even in India, there are numerous catering vendors who service only weddings. And their selection is not done in meetings face-to-face, but via a virtual meeting. And by making use of apps such as Personify, where you get the 3-D experience.

Social Media Wall

Is there a way by which you can make the wedding guests feel happy? That they have set aside all their daily commitments and made way to the wedding despite all difficulties? Let us give you the best idea. Build a temporary social media wall where you get the best photos regarding your engagement and other events. Now, thank all the guests by displaying all the social media feeds regarding your wedding on the wall. The trend has already caught in North India, and it is only a matter of time before everyone follows the same idea. The wall will become the show stopper for your wedding. Every guest will love the moment of seeing their comments and posts on the Social wall.

5. Changes In Wedding Events – Drone Photography

In the olden days, photographers were allowed only during the nuptial ceremony or at the wedding. But now, Pre-wedding shoots of the couple in parks are common. Is there a way by which you can make the recent trend? Yes. Hire a drone photographer to take the shots.

Drone Photography

It is the new generation’s way of using technology for capturing live events. To explain about drones, they are flying machines which have been fitted with a camera and can capture the wedding from a camera.

Benefits of Using Drones For Your Wedding

It is a cool way of making the event more attractive. Many guests will be surprised to see the robots fly over their head. This concept prevents the flashlights and you get natural images.

6. Changes In Wedding Events – Restrictions

Three decades ago, the bridegroom and bride were not allowed to step outside their homes a month before the wedding date. In case of emergency, a close relative has to accompany them. In recent times, the bridegroom arrives in India from a foreign country just one month before the wedding.

Changes In Wedding Events – Participation of Bride/Bridegroom In The Wedding

Before five decades, a wedding used to happen for three days. And it was deeply rooted in cultural practices. Only the elders had a say in the wedding ceremonies. The changes happen one decade ago, where the bride and bridegroom make selections regarding the dress and other ceremonies.

Even the pattern of selection of dresses has changed. A decade ago, before the wedding, the entire family visited the brick and mortar store to purchase sarees. Now, it is e-commerce websites which do the trick.

7. Changes In Wedding Events – Venue

There was a time when marriages used to happen in only marriage mandaps or halls. Not any more. Now, the wedding family takes a field and converts the place to a venue. The walls and other decorations, they are selected by the family members by making use of virtual reality glasses.

Choosing a wedding venue is always a nightmare. The reason, many places may have been booked days in advance. So, the trend to do outdoor weddings have picked up.

Let us look at the four types of outdoor weddings preferred most by brides and grooms.


A beach wedding or mountain wedding can be an inspiring venue for such celebration events. Yes, you can make use of the seashells and sea plant themes.


How about arranging a wedding in the middle of a palace or in the gardens? The photographs will not only look amazing but will become the talk of the town among your family members.

Are you fond of plants or a plant lover? How about putting the ring or tying the knot on your favored one amidst the flowers? The garden flowers will become the focal attraction for decorations.

8. Changes In Wedding Events – Games For Children

In old day weddings, children used to play hide and seek inside the wedding hall. There were many more games, but they were simple. Now, a wedding planner brings many toys such as merry-go-round equipment and lawn games.

And this job is one of the most difficult jobs at any wedding. There are times when the kids after getting bored can do some task that can make the parents go insane. The best way to handle kids at a wedding is to keep them engaged in their own world. With games, toys or a storyteller, you can keep them engaged. When the children are happy, their parents and other family members also stay happy.


9. Changes In Wedding Events – Music

Yes, neither the bride nor the groom forgets their traditional customs. But once the ceremony got over, many of the guests hit the floor. And instead of the traditional nadaswaram and all, it is the DJ who occupies the center stage. He/she plays music which makes the guests, the bride, bridegroom, and the entire family members have a great time.


Sure, a wedding or marriage is one of the best events to happen in human life. A lot of events also should be planned. In the article, we have mentioned some changes in wedding events. The main reason is because of the change in culture and technology. Just look around you. New technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing have brought changes in many industries. And even the wedding industry does not lag behind. The credit for the change goes mainly to the internet. Tasks during the wedding which required hours of search in the past could get completed within a short time.

Let us imagine the situation. Your D-day is six months from today in Bangalore. So, you want only the best happening in your life. How do you do it? For the dresses, you can search on social media sites such as Pinterest. For the selection of caterers, cameraman, you need to search online on websites for the best reviews and then hire. There is also another method, by which you can hire the best wedding planner in Bangalore. It is the time of apps, and all you have to do is to download the app of the best company offering home appliance repair service in Bangalore. These companies have verified, reputed wedding planners in their vendor list. You can search for the best wedding management company profiles, as per your budget and then place a request. Then the concerned planner will give a call and you can have a meeting. If the experience, catalog and other requirements are met, then you can feel sure that your D-day will be a great event that will be remembered for years to come.

Hope this article has given some information on the changes in wedding events that has happened because of technology. For more updates on events, birthdays and weddings, please subscribe to our newsletter.


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