Changes in The Fashion Industry Because of New Technologies

If there is an industry, where changes are always welcomed with grace and fanfare, it is the fashion industry. Every season, you have something new to cherish. Unlike other industries such as healthcare, where stagnancy is accepted in terms of medical treatment, in fashion, the industry is based on the very dynamics of change. There are times when traditional wear of a country is the flavor of the season, and suddenly, one reputed fashion designer combines the old with the new to create a new trend. But, do not forget the fact, that at present, it is technology which has brought the changes. In this article, we shall discuss the changes in the fashion industry because of new technologies.

What Are The New Technologies That Have Brought About Changes in the Fashion Industry?

You can mention a few. They are

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • 3D scanning – Virtual reality

Changes in The Fashion Industry Because of New Technologies

1. Visual Search

Let us imagine the situation. You have gone to a wedding, and liked your friends’ dress. You now wanted the same design saree for your own use. But when enquired, the friend did not seem to remember the name of the dress nor the website. Do not worry. Help is available. You can take a photo of the concerned friend, and then upload it on the fashion website. If the AI implementation has been completed on the website, then you may, very likely, get the same dress or its alternatives.

Now imagine, if there is no AI. You have to navigate through tons and tons of web pages of many websites. Thanks to AI, you may easily find the cloth.

2. Changes in the Fashion Industry – Manufacturing Segment

True, as we have mentioned before, the fashion company always welcomes changes. And there are many fashion designers all over the world. So, how will they know the type of clothes, the style, fashion and color you want? It is by means of using digital marketing and machine learning algorithms.

How about an example? You are a famous designer having three websites which are popular for their style dresses all over the globe. Now every website follows a particular style.

One for traditional wear, the other two for fashion and style. Your digital marketing team also updates the new dresses every week on the website. Your label is popular all over the globe. Based on the statistics your team provides, you know the type of cloth, fashion that is preferred in a specific country for some time. In India, new dresses are bought at the time of Deepavali. So, if you harbor clothes on your website based on the occasion, your company will generate greater revenue.

Machine Learning and AI come in another way. Imagine the time, when you shopped for an article on a fashion website. After you put the cloth in the cart, pop-up notifications appear on the computer such as showing the way to more dresses. The notification will specify the person who brought the dress (you purchased) also purchased other items from another page.

Look at the statistics. Millions of customers will be navigating the web pages of the website. So, every customer is tracked and his/her preferences noted in the database. And the same data is used to generate revenue from another customer. So, how is this possible? How can millions of data get analyzed and then scrutinized to data? This is where AI and ML come in.

Through algorithms and artificial neural algorithms, the applications can do the job impossible by a human. And the advantages are, both the fashion designer and customers get benefits. The customer gets the dress he/she wants, while the fashion designer can stitch the dresses suitable to the public. This is one of the major changes in the fashion industry made possible by new technologies.


3. 3D technology/Virtual Reality

Have you heard/saw the first 3D movie in India – My Dear Kuttisathan? It was a blockbuster. Now, the same technology is used to purchase clothes suitable for your body size. Imagine you are shopping online and have found a dress to purchase. You have some doubts if the size will be suitable or not. Barely a decade ago, you can order products online, and when it comes to your home, you find the dress has a different size. So, you have to call the customer care service, complain of a refund or ask them to send a new dress in the same pattern.

All the above-mentioned jobs in the last sentence have vanished. By making use of Virtual Reality, you can visualize and check if the dress can be suitable for your size and personality. This is another major change in the fashion industry because of new technologies.

Another Benefit

Let us imagine, you as a fashion designer has to prepare a new set of expensive bridal dress. The bride has given the style patterns. Now with the cloth materials being expensive, you cannot bungle on the cloth. The best way is to make use of 3D technology, to note how the dresses, edges, and buttons will come in proper fashion. Then you can design the plan to stitch the dress.

4. Price

Next comes the most dominant new technology in question today, big data. Just imagine the situation. The dresses of a fashion designer have been sold out off the shelves. It is a specific design. Now, the logistics team has forgotten to tell the manufacturing department that they need another fifty sets of designer label dresses. But the Big Data can send a reminder to the manufacturing industry that there is one dress style which is missing off the shelves.

Now, compare the same situation with product sales and manufacturing. Based on the inputs given by the digital marketing team, the management can take decisions in the manufacturing of dresses. The price aspect can be considered as one of the major changes in the fashion industry because of new technologies.


So, with the last paragraph, we end up this article on changes in the fashion industry because of new technologies. There are also other changes which have been brought by new technologies. It is in the customer care service of not only the fashion industry but every industry in the market. Shall we take one example to make you better understand the situation?

You are a popular fashion designer in Bangalore. To reach the prospective audience more, you have entered in partnership with a top company which provides home appliance repair service in Bangalore at the customer’s doorstep. They also have services pertaining to the wedding and event management. Now, a customer who wants to book your services has to go to the website and place a request. And when the booking happens on the website chat, it will be done by a chatbot and not a human. Please note, that every chatbot can give the apt response, and it is based on the fundamental principles of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In a similar fashion, if you have a website pertaining to selling clothes, you can hire a chatbot which can respond to customer’s queries. The customer at the other end, will not know if the conversation is done by a chatbot or a human. This is one of the very rare changes in the fashion industry because of new technologies.


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