CBD could protect against long-term negative affects of THC


In a new study researchers have suggested that CBD (cannabidiol) has shown potential to protect against the long-term negative affects of THC (tetrahydrocannabino), which gives the “high” to marijuana.

Researchers at Indiana University point out that while THC gives the ‘high’ feeling, CBD can counteract the “stoned” feeling and infact can alleviate the risk of THC-associated psychiatric and neurological risks, such as schizophrenia in the long run. Scientists say the risk of THC-associated disorders are greater among teens than among adults.

This conclusion they base on their findings on mouse-model study wherein they observed a variety of adverse effects of THC when given (to mice) during the adolescent period that they didn’t see when given as adults. This suggesting that adolescents are vulnerable to THC than adults.

The study and its findings come at a time when states are moving to legalize recreational marijuana and, as in Indiana, allow the use of CBD oil to diminish the pain of epileptic seizures.

For states where marijuana sales are legal, the study could suggest that labels be used to indicate the percentage of THC and CBD.

Legislative bills have been introduced this session, which will end no later than March 14, to legalize medical marijuana in a state-monitored program, to legalize CBD oil and to create a summer study committee on medical marijuana’s impact in other states.

Studies have shown that the market demand for high-potency cannabis has seen the THC content of seized cannabis in the U.S. increase from about 4 percent to 12 percent, according to the IU study. In turn, CBD content has decreased. In 2016 about 13 percent of eight-graders said they had used cannabis. Those statistics led IU researchers to study CBD.

As part of the study, mice were observed building nests by shredding paper towels in a repetitive behavior measured by researchers. After injections of THC, the mice shredded the paper in a compulsive manner, researchers said. In another test, injections of CBD seemed to suppress mice’s anxiety.


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